Driving Profits: How TECOBI’s Social Media Strategy Catapulted Auto Depot of Fresno to Success

Auto Depot of Fresno, an independent dealership located in Fresno, California, has been a customer of TECOBI since October 2020. They have been leveraging our Facebook and Instagram ads and SMS software to communicate and follow up with leads. The results have been nothing short of impressive.

A Look at the Numbers

Auto Depot of Fresno has spent $61,047 on ads and grossed $819,534. Their Cost Per Sale (CPSL) is $293 with 208 cars sold. These numbers are a testament to the effectiveness of TECOBI’s strategy and software.

According to a study by NADA, the average advertising cost per vehicle sold in the US is around $624. This means that Auto Depot of Fresno’s CPSL with TECOBI is significantly lower than the national average, demonstrating the cost-effectiveness of our approach.

About Auto Depot of Fresno

Auto Depot of Fresno is a pre-owned vehicle dealership that has been serving the Fresno community for over 28 years. They offer a wide range of quality vehicles and are dedicated to helping their customers with any automotive needs. Their commitment to customer service is evident in their approach to business.

The Power of Social Media in the Automotive Industry

According to a report by Smart Insights, as of 2023, there are 4.48 billion social media users worldwide, accounting for nearly 57% of the global population. This vast user base presents a golden opportunity for businesses, including automotive dealerships, to reach and engage with potential customers.

In the automotive industry, social media has proven to be a powerful tool for dealerships. A study by Digital Dealer reveals that 75% of car buyers and 68% of service customers say internet research, including social media and review sites, was the most helpful medium when selecting a car dealership. Furthermore, a report by Cox Automotive indicates that nearly 2 out of 3 car buyers use social media for car shopping, and 1 out of 3 car buyers use social media to discuss or communicate a recent purchase.

TECOBI’s Strategy and Software

At TECOBI, we have developed a unique proprietary technology that utilizes calling and SMS text messaging to engage with customers. Our mission is to connect consumers to their wants and needs without disrupting their daily patterns. We aim to make communication easier and more effective for both clients and customers.

Our software allows for thousands of follow-ups at the click of a button, offering users the opportunity to avoid hurdles in dealing with dealerships and sales professionals. This approach leads to higher conversion rates, boosting sales and driving cars off lots.

With over $50 million in ad spend and a fully-equipped platform of data at our disposal, we ensure optimal conversion patterns and ad success. We help reach potential customers across social media platforms. Those routed from Facebook and Instagram are prompted to submit leads, beginning the sales process. Our clients are also able to nurture these leads until customers are ready to advance to the next steps.

The Impact of TECOBI

The impact of TECOBI’s strategy and software is evident in the success of our clients. “TECOBI has been the biggest game-changer in our business and more than anything else in the past three years,” said Nyle Maxwell’s Platform Digital Director Thomas Eggers. “I hear from salespeople daily that they sold a vehicle only because TECOBI never stopped following up with the customer and this was the only reason they were able to connect and make a sale.”

Auto Depot of Fresno’s success with TECOBI is a clear demonstration of the power of our approach. By leveraging social media advertising and effective follow-up strategies, dealerships can significantly reduce their CPS and increase their sales volume.

If you’re interested in learning more about how TECOBI can help your dealership achieve similar results, I invite you to get a demo today!

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Jason Girdner
Jason Girdner

Jason Girdner is a visionary entrepreneur and the driving force behind TECOBI, a pioneering automotive advertising technology company renowned for its innovative approach to dealership marketing and sales. With a rich background in automotive sales and a deep passion for technology, Jason co-founded TECOBI to address the evolving communication preferences in the automotive industry, particularly the shift towards text messaging as a primary communication channel.

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