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Modern automotive software that was built this decade and works on all devices

In the rapidly evolving automotive industry, mobile responsiveness is no longer a luxury but a necessity. TECOBI leads the charge with a state-of-the-art mobile app available on both Android and Apple devices. Our app ensures that the robust features and functionalities of the desktop version are right at your fingertips, regardless of your location or device. This seamless mobile experience underscores our commitment to modernizing automotive software, providing the agility and accessibility that today’s dynamic car business demands.

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Automotive Artificial Intelligence Lead Follow Up
Lead Follow Up With Artificial Intelligence
Automated Lead Follow Up
Artificial Intelligence Follow Up

Use Artificial Intelligence to Automate your Follow-Up with the Auto Bot

The TECOBI Auto Bot is a revolutionary AI tool designed to automate follow-up communications in the automotive sales process. It not only re-engages active conversations with contextual follow-ups but also reaches out to older leads with personalized interactions. By taking over routine follow-up tasks, the Auto Bot allows dealership staff to focus on higher-level customer service that requires human empathy and insight. This innovation has substantially increased customer engagement rates and sales in dealerships, showcasing the potential of blending AI with human customer service.

The sample messages showcased represent AI’s advanced capability to autonomously sustain customer dialogue. With access to comprehensive customer data, including past interactions, vehicle preferences, appointment history, and trades, the AI is adept at formulating engaging, contextually relevant follow-ups that effectively keep the customer conversation alive and active. This innovation signifies a leap in AI’s ability to maintain and revive customer conversations, all without human intervention. Each message is tailored by the AI to ensure relevance and to prompt a response, representing a significant step forward in automated customer relationship management.

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Call recording & monitoring with Artificial Intelligence

We harness the power of advanced Artificial Intelligence to enhance accountability and foster collaboration through our call recording feature. Inbound and outbound phone calls can be recorded within the TECOBI platform, allowing for comprehensive oversight and quality assurance.

Our cutting-edge AI doesn’t just record; it analyzes, summarizes, and grades each call, providing invaluable insights into customer interactions. Should any negative emotions be detected during a call, our system automatically flags it, ensuring immediate attention by tagging managers for a detailed review. This sophisticated approach empowers teams to continuously improve their communication strategies and maintain the highest standards of customer service.

Artificial Intelligence Call Inspection

Automotive Appointment Setting

Appointment setting with Calendar, reminders and desk log

Effortlessly monitor scheduled appointments and track customer presence within the dealership using our intuitive system. Implement personalized appointment reminders to ensure your customers are promptly notified about their upcoming visits, enhancing their experience and improving show rates.

use Automations to Respond to new leads instantly

Dealerships leveraging our state-of-the-art automation sequences for new leads, are achieving remarkable engagement rates of 85-95%. Unlike traditional CRMs that often rely on manual responses from sales staff, our system proactively engages every new lead through instantaneous SMS and email communications. This ensures that no opportunity is missed and sets the stage for higher conversion rates by keeping potential customers actively engaged from the moment they express interest.

Automated Lead Responses

Automotive Dms Text Message Blast

Full DMS integration for communicating with past customers

By integrating with your Dealer Management System (DMS) via DealerVault, we enable precise matching of sold units, facilitating detailed ROI analyses for various lead sources.

Furthermore, our system allows you to segment past customers based on criteria such as Purchase Date, Make & Model, APR, Payment, and Term. Engage these customers directly through targeted text messages, proposing vehicle service options or buyback opportunities. With response rates reaching up to 40%, prepare to engage in a surge of meaningful interactions with your valued previous customers.

Credit Applications

Mobile Optimized Credit Applications

Survey Customers

Survey customers post sale to increase CSI

Website Widget

Add a Text Us website widget to your site

Live User Training

Live one-on-one training with users

We Rethought email and simplified it

Email communication with customers is seamlessly integrated into their conversation thread, enhancing clarity and continuity. Our system assigns a single email address to the dealership, centralizing all outgoing and incoming emails through this unified channel. Should a lead be reassigned to another team member, the transition is smooth: the new representative will receive all future emails associated with that lead, and any outgoing emails will appear to originate from them. This approach streamlines email interactions, ensuring a cohesive and simplified communication process.

Automotive Emailing Solutions

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