A New Way to Follow Up With Customers

Instantly start text conversations from various lead sources including Facebook® Lead Gen ads and have our Text Ninjas help set appointments.

Yeah, that’s live data.





Follow Up with Hundreds of Leads at the Click of a Button

Do weeks worth of follow up at the click of a button. Quickly and easily re-engage and follow up with active leads in your pipeline. Keep your staff focused on working with customers who want to talk right now.

Instant Contact with People who have Submitted Leads

Addison, our artificial intelligence, will instantly send a text message to customers who have clicked on your ads, submitted leads through your website, or any third party lead source. Seamlessly integrate with over 150+ lead sources. TrueCar®, AutoTrader®, Kelley Blue Book® and many more.

Facebook Lead Generation

Create High Impact Ads

We are experts at getting people to click the Facebook® ads we create. With our huge library of ads and our vast experience we can help you isolate which ads will work best for your dealership.

Click to Text Message

This is the fastest way to generate a lead from an ad click. Most other forms of advertising require the customer to complete a form. With TECOBI®, their information is retrieved right from their Facebook® profile.

Handle a High volume of Text Message Leads

We use advanced technology to provide a lightning fast interface for text messaging customers who have responded to your ads.