Everything your dealership needs to work car deals via text message at scale.


TECOBI is a robust platform, akin to a CRM, designed with text messaging as the central channel for customer communication, streamlining interactions and enhancing engagement.

Instantly Respond To Every New Lead

By harnessing the power of rapid lead response through text messaging, your dealership gains a competitive edge, ensuring timely and efficient communication with potential customers. This proactive approach not only cultivates stronger customer relationships but also fosters customer loyalty and trust, ultimately driving increased sales and elevating your dealership's market share.

Chat GPT Call Summaries

Using Chat GPT in automotive dealerships fosters accountability by transcribing and evaluating staff-customer calls. Managers can analyze this data to monitor performance, ensuring compliance with standards. This promotes responsibility, enhances sales and service skills, and improves the car-buying experience, boosting the dealership's reputation and CSI scores.

Digital Retail Landing Pages

A customized shopping page for car buyers creates a guided digital experience, allowing dealers to maintain control. Customers can explore vehicles, evaluate trade-ins, and track progress. This approach balances customer autonomy with expert guidance, resulting in a satisfying journey that aligns with modern preferences and boosts dealership trustworthiness.

DMS Integration

Integration with the dealership's DMS simplifies reaching previous customers by leveraging its rich data. Dealerships can segment customers by criteria like purchase date, make, model, rate, term and payment, enabling you to craft personalized campaigns. Incorporating text messaging boosts engagement with 30-60% response rates, enhancing customer relationships, promoting repeat business, and driving sales satisfaction.

Cross Platform Compatible

Cross-platform compatibility sets our software apart in the automotive industry, ensuring seamless accessibility across various devices and operating systems. Unlike many alternatives, our solution caters to diverse preferences, providing a consistent and efficient user experience for both dealership team members and customers. By streamlining communication, collaboration, and productivity, our software's adaptability contributes to the success and growth of automotive dealerships that choose our innovative platform.

TCPA & 10DLC Compliance

Here are just a few of our other features...

Mobile Optimized Credit Applications
Appointment Calendar
Website Text Message Widget
Text Message Automations
Text Message Video Integrations
Post Sale Surveys 
Vehicle Trade Evaluations
Video Conferencing
Call Monitoring & Whispering
Extensive Reporting 
ADF/XML & API Lead Processing
CRM Integration

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