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Automotive Lead Generation On Social Media

How do Automotive Lead Generation Ads Work?

Automotive Lead generation ads on social media excel over traditional website click-through ads by utilizing customer information from their social media profiles. Customers are presented with a pre-filled form directly within Facebook, Instagram and TikTok, streamlining the lead generation process to an easy and rapid three-click journey, bypassing the need to navigate away to an external website and massively increasing the number of leads you generate from your automotive lead generation.

We don’t just help you generate leads, we help you convert them too!

Automotive lead generation is just the first step; the real challenge lies in converting them into sales. Wondering how our clients manage to achieve an impressive $148 per car sold? It’s all thanks to our advanced software, which meticulously tracks a range of key metrics including Cost Per Lead, Cost Per Engaged Lead, Cost Per Appointment, Cost Per Show, and Cost Per Sold. You can also hire our Ninjas to help you work the leads and set appointments.

With our system, you’re not left guessing about the Return on Investment (R.O.I.) on your automotive lead generation – you have clear, actionable data at your fingertips, driving your sales process to new heights of efficiency and effectiveness.

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Dynamic Inventory Lead Generation Ads

Dynamic Inventory Ads

Maximize your inventory’s visibility by deploying strategic placements that captivate your ideal audience precisely when they’re most receptive. Our approach involves crafting intricate catalogs of your inventory, harnessing the power of Meta’s cutting-edge algorithms to selectively showcase specific vehicles to well-defined audiences. This customized automotive lead generation strategy guarantees that your inventory, from Trucks and SUVs to Sedans, reaches potential buyers with a genuine interest, markedly enhancing engagement and the chances of conversion.

Need to prioritize certain vehicles? Whether it’s moving specific models faster or focusing on aged stock, our system allows for refined segmentation. This means we can spotlight vehicles based on type or even how long they’ve been in your inventory, ensuring that every unit gets the attention it deserves. This level of precision in targeting not only elevates your inventory’s profile but also drives efficient and effective sales outcomes.

Need to sell some New Cars? We have ads for that too.

Our adept advertising team specializes in crafting tailored loss leader and discount ads that effectively spotlight irresistible offers for our clients. Leveraging deep insights into market trends and consumer behavior, we design compelling visuals and persuasive messaging that resonate with your target audience. Our expertise in strategic placement ensures these enticing promotions reach potential buyers at the perfect moment, driving engagement and conversions.

New Vehicle Social Media Ad Examples

Sub-Prime Advertising Examples

Need to ramp up your Sub-Prime Leads? Social media is the way.

Utilizing social media to attract subprime customers offers a strategic avenue for connecting with a demographic that is often in search of accessible financing options for purchases like automobiles. By crafting relatable content and tailored ads that highlight financing solutions and special offers geared towards those with less-than-perfect credit.

Automotive Lead Generation for the Service Department

Advertising automotive service specials for oil changes and tire rotations on social media provides a direct channel to remind vehicle owners of essential maintenance tasks. By creating targeted campaigns, service departments can highlight the importance of regular vehicle upkeep, special service promotions, and the expertise of their technicians. Engaging content, such as informative videos on the benefits of regular maintenance, customer testimonials, and time-sensitive discount offers, can capture the attention of car owners and encourage them to book an appointment. This approach not only drives traffic to the service department but also builds trust and loyalty by positioning the dealership as a reliable source for vehicle care and maintenance.

Service Department Advertising Examples