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Need help with the human touch? Our Text Ninjas have your back.

Artificial intelligence is revolutionizing the automotive industry, yet it’s not a standalone solution. The nuanced nature of customer interactions means that AI needs a human touch to truly resonate with buyers. Try asking AI if it can help you with a 500 credit score or how much your trade is worth. It won’t be able to answer. This is where the humans come in.

At TECOBI, we understand this balance. Our Text Ninjas are seasoned professionals who work in concert with AI and your team, managing and nurturing leads in a way that software alone simply can’t. They can help answer the complex questions customers can often ask, where AI would typically struggle. This Hybrid Intelligence method keeps the customer from knowing that AI or an outside team is involved in helping them with their purchase.

Our Text Ninjas act as an extension of a dealership’s team, offering a seamless integration that supports and enhances the efforts of the sales staff. This human-AI partnership ensures that all customer interactions are handled with the perfect mix of efficiency and personal attention, which is key to delivering a superior customer experience and driving sales.

Expert Assistance

Team of experts waiting to assist your customers and work with your team.

Full Transparency

Easily see and monitor all communication with customers.

Lower Cost

Less expensive and less headaches than hiring and managing people in-house.

All the help you need working leads.