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10 Reasons Why Automating Follow Up Tasks with Automotive AI Beats Conventional CRM Methods

Automotive AI vs Human Labour

Put simply, the financial disparity between conventional follow-up methods and the utilization of Automotive AI is substantial. Let’s look at some numbers. The average Automotive BDC representative employed by a car dealership earns around $4,000 per month. Given the typical daily responsibilities, objectives, and constraints (such as data entry, customer service, and the physical limitations of human productivity), this representative can, on average, place calls to 50-100 leads in a day.

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Now, let’s take this average to the monthly level. A month averages 22 working days, so a diligent BDC rep – consistently reaching out to the higher limit of daily prospects – can connect with about 2,200 leads a month. This calculation equals a monthly expense of around $1.82 per contact attempt when we weigh the total cost of the representative’s salary against their outreach capacity.

Contrast this with the innovative solution embodied by TECOBI’s Auto Bot, an AI-powered marvel using the benefits of ChatGPT technology. It can automatically send follow-up information to customers for the nominal cost of an SMS text message – just $0.05.

Given such an analysis, the expenditure for a human BDC representative to follow up with 1,000 customers would oscillate in the substantial range of $1,818 to $3,636. In contrast, the investment required to perform the same tasks utilizing Automotive AI, like TECOBI’s Auto Bot, would amount to a meager approximate total of $50. This stark difference accentuates not only the economic advantage but also the impressive efficiency that Automotive AI brings to dealership operations.

Embracing Hybrid Intelligence: Empowering, Not Replacing

Automotive Ai

It’s essential to place emphasis on the critical fact that what we strive for at TECOBI isn’t replacing human employees with AI technology. Much to the contrary, we’re advocating a revolutionary fusion – a tandem between our BDC representatives and Automotive AI that results explicitly in empowerment.

At TECOBI, we’ve forged a unique Hybrid Intelligence system. This unique blend marries the strengths of AI – its speed, precision, and indefatigability- with the invaluable human elements of empathy, sensitivity, and keen intuition. The underlying idea is to leverage AI to eliminate the monotonous, mind-numbing tasks that usually fall onto the shoulders of our dedicated BDC representatives.

So how do we strike this harmonious balance? It all starts with our AI-enhanced Auto Bot. This advanced AI tool fires off the follow-up process as soon as the dealership opens, diligently contacting leads with personalized messages, efficiently sorting and profiling them. The beauty of this approach lies in the streamlined delegation of tasks – the Auto Bot seamlessly handles the primary, lower-level communication tasks, allowing human BDC representatives to shine in the roles best suited for them.

As soon as customers reply, often touched by the swift and personalized response, their enquiries are passed onto our human BDC team. Now these leads are no longer cold, they’re warmed – a result of AI-human synergy at work. After the routine tasks are trimmed by the Auto Bot, actively engaged leads are funneled towards our human reps. These unique “human to human” interactions that follow are essential to achieving meaningful customer relationships and lasting business success. BDC reps are now able to devote more time into tasks that necessitate a personal touch, effectively using their skillsets where they matter the most.

To sum it up, AI isn’t supplanting the human element in the customer journey, it’s augmenting it. By giving monotonous tasks to our AI tool, we boost BDC reps’ productivity and free them to focus on enriching the customer experience with real human connection and empathy. This seamless blend of robotics and humans signifies the future of optimized service in the automotive industry.

More Than Just Cost-Savings

Incorporating Automotive AI provides a host of benefits beyond just substantial cost savings. Here are ten central reasons why the Automotive Artificial Intelligence used by TECOBI is a game-changer.

  1. Scale: The Bot can reach out to an infinitely larger number of leads in a day than a human rep.
  2. Consistency: Bots don’t get tired or have off days.
  3. Speed: Instant texting allows a quicker connection to leads.
  4. Timeliness: Bots are punctual – continuing to work round-the-clock without overtime.
  5. Efficiency: Allocating repetitive tasks to bots allows human reps to focus on higher level tasks.
  6. Customer interaction: Immediate, personalized responses delight customers.
  7. Robust Data: AI can track and apply data more effectively than a human CRM, leading to enhanced insights and results.
  8. Adaptability: The Bot can smoothly handle changing circumstances in a live conversation.
  9. Training: AI can be updated and trained quicker and more effectively than a human employee.
  10. Growth: AI frees up the BDC to focus on scaling and expansion, rather than on repetitive tasks.

Incorporating AI isn’t just about trading humans for robots—it’s about teaching humans and robots to work in unison in ways that are mutually beneficial. AI and human teams complement each other’s strengths and offset each other’s weaknesses. AI takes care of the mundane, routine tasks, leaving humans to do what they do best – connect, provoke emotion, and close the sale. Welcome to the era of efficient, AI-powered Automotive BDCs!

Uncover Your Dealership’s Efficiency with Our Free Mystery Shop

We’re taking strides in the automotive industry to encourage dealerships to embrace technology and enhance their processes. To help you comprehend the full potential of integrated AI solutions like TECOBI’s Auto Bot, we’re offering an opportunity for a free mystery shop of your dealership.

The mystery shop will reveal inefficiencies you may not be aware of, highlighting any deficiencies in your current lead follow-up process, and providing actionable insights on how you can drive improvements. A mystery shop is a powerful tool to understand your dealership from a customer’s perspective. It helps to pinpoint where your procedures might be lagging and where there’s scope for optimization.

Automotive Artificial Intelligence

Interested in a no-obligation analysis of your dealership’s effectiveness with lead follow-ups? Want to understand how TECOBI’s AI tools can streamline your processes and significantly increase your leads? It’s as easy as clicking on the “Text Us” button right now.

We’ll help shine a light on your blind spots, addressing the challenge we’ve recognized that many dealerships face in the journey of lead-follow up. For more insights into the prevalent issues, check out our revealing article: Uncovering the Truth: How Dealerships Miss the Mark on Lead Follow-Up.

So are you ready to revolutionize your dealership with the power of AI and human synergy? Reach out to us today for this exclusive offer to identify and mend any breakdowns in your current processes. Transform and empower your team with TECOBI’s innovative automotive AI solutions. You’ll be amazed at how efficient your dealership can become!

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