Will Robots (AI) Take Over Sales Jobs?

We’ve all seen the movies and TV shows that show a future filled with robots and artificial intelligence running the world. From self-driving cars to companies like Carvana, it might seem like If you’re a car salesman, you might be worried that eventually, a robot is going to take over your job. But don’t start updating your resume yet. In the car buying of the future, sure, a large part of the process might be automated with AI. But a robot isn’t coming for your job. However, you might be replaced with another human if you can’t keep up with technology and utilize it to do your job better. Let’s talk about how we can embrace automation together to help us sell more cars, faster.

Can a Robot Take Over Sales Jobs?

It’s the million-dollar question every car salesman has had nightmares about: is a robot going to take over my sales job at some point in the near future? 

What is AI?

AI (or artificial intelligence) is a system or machine that can mimic human intelligence to perform tasks and even improve itself based on the information it collects. I know, yikes. It sounds scary, but let me break some news to you: to some degree, it’s already here. 

What Does AI Have to Do With My Sales Job?

The proportion of automotive manufacturing and supply companies hiring for artificial intelligence-related positions did rise to a year high in August 2021, with 38.3% of the companies reporting in Just Auto’s analysis recruiting for at least one AI job. And sure, Stephen Hawking did predict that robots might take over in about 100 years. And the hype over AI has ramped up lately and created a sense of fear in some in the auto industry.

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No, a Robot Is Not Coming for Your Job. (Yet.)

But the simple answer is: no. A robot simply cannot and will not ever replace the person-to-person connection a human salesperson can build with a potential car buyer. While automation already has the ability to replace some of the tedious, daily tasks of selling cars, a robot can never fully take the place of a human salesperson. Robots can’t initiate a quality conversation with a lead about their wants, needs, and finances when it comes to purchasing a new car.

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Don’t Worry About AI Taking Over Jobs 

Instead of worrying about AI taking over sales jobs, sales teams need to embrace automation and technology like TECOBI to instead help them do their jobs better. The key to not allowing robots to take over sales jobs is to embrace the technology we do have and use it well. The key is to use automation without losing the human touch

There is a way to utilize the many benefits of automation while still doing your job as a salesperson. In fact, you can use it to automate the many tasks you *don’t* like about your job, and spend more time doing the parts you do like, like calling customers and actually selling cars. Let’s be real: most car salesmen can agree that many of the tasks we do on a daily basis would be done better by a robot. Technology like TECOBI gives us the ability to be better sales professionals.

Technology Takes Over Jobs You Don’t Want

There are plenty of great uses for automation, like sending text messages, emails, and capturing lead data. TECOBI is technology that helps you make your job as a salesman easy. I’m a salesman myself. The last thing I want to do is rid the auto industry of sales teams. What I want is to help dealerships sell cars faster. How? I’ll tell you. 

Follow Up With Leads at the Click of a Button 

Let me show you an example of how automation can be a great thing for salesmen in the auto industry. Imagine sitting down at your desk in the morning and instead of picking up the phone to call lead after lead, instead, you can follow up with thousands of leads with some simple click of a button. With TECOBI, that’s exactly what you can do. 

TCT: Text, Call, Text 

Texting, call, text. First, you use texts to get customers engaged. While the first part of this sales tactic — texting — can be automated within TECOBI, it takes a real person to do the second part: calling. This is an important part of the selling process. Selling is ultimately a human conversation. You can’t skip the phone call. This is where you really get to know the customer, hear their pain points and their tone of voice: you know, all the things you do as a salesperson that a robot could not. 

Automated Facebook and Instagram Ads

Let us automate your social media ads for your dealership. Our ads help you connect with new customers, instantly. I hate to break it to you, but chances are you are doing your automotive advertising completely wrong. But our Facebook ads really work. With more than $30 million spent on Facebook and Instagram ads so far, we know how to create the best advertising for your dealership. 

Use TECOBI to Help You Be a Better Salesperson

Don’t worry about a robot taking over your job. Use technology to help you become an irreplaceable human salesperson who sells more cars than anyone else. Instead of letting technology take over your job, let it help you do your job even better. TECOBI helps you do just that.

I’ll let you in on a secret: sales don’t happen completely over text. If sales could happen automatically, what would I need you for? I’d just build a robot. That’s what makes you valuable as a salesperson: your ability to build relationships and connections with other humans. So, no robot is coming for your job…yet. Instead, try TECOBI to help you automate the boring stuff so you can spend more time doing what you like: closing deals and putting dreams in driveways. Learn more about TECOBI’s plans and schedule a demo today. It’s much better than a robot.

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