Harnessing AI to Empower Salespeople: A Day One Success Story in Car Dealership Communication

Innovation is the lifeblood of our software company, and recently, we took a significant leap into the future of customer communication. We harnessed the power of artificial intelligence (AI), specifically OpenAI’s Chat GPT’s API, to create an intelligent chat suggestion tool. Designed to learn from previous conversations and intuitively anticipate a potential car buyer’s interests, this tool is set to drastically revolutionize our interaction model.

While AI promises extraordinary possibilities, we know the importance of keeping a firm hand on the wheel. Therefore, we designed the first version of our AI integration to provide suggestions, not to take over the conversations entirely. We wanted to empower, not replace.

On the first day of deployment, the impact was both immediate and profound. I meticulously evaluated leads and the AI’s performance throughout the day. One particular case stood out: a TrueCar lead responded after two days of automated follow-ups. An hour of silence from the dealership ensued, but our AI had relevant suggestions ready. This moment underscored the compelling value of AI intervention when human response was lacking.

Throughout the day, the AI consistently demonstrated its worth, stepping in to rectify poor text messages, asking pertinent questions, and providing responses when the dealership fell short. This was day one, and our AI tool was already proving to be a game-changer.

This journey is not just about overcoming the limitations of poor salesmanship. I’ve seen firsthand how inadequate sales skills can lead to lost opportunities, dwindling revenue, and even the demise of businesses. It is time for a radical change in lead follow up and CRMs, and AI is the catalyst.

True salesmanship is a relentless pursuit, a tireless dedication. Yet, even the most committed salespeople are bound by time, and there’s only so much they can manage. Our aim in integrating AI into our software isn’t to replace these diligent individuals, but rather to empower them.

By shifting some of the workload onto AI, we enable top performers to handle more leads and engage with more customers. This not only reduces the need for bloated sales or BDC departments, but also places emphasis on quality over quantity.

Real salespeople, the ones who build relationships with customers, and work every deal to there is no meat on the bone, are irreplaceable – a fact that AI can’t change. But when these salespeople are equipped with AI, they can achieve more. They can forge more relationships, close more deals, and outperform the rest.

The remarkable success of our first day was just a glimpse into the potential of this AI-powered future. As we continue this journey, I am excited to see a sales floor dominated by top performers, fueled by AI, driving unprecedented sales success.

Not bad for a green pea, it’s first day on the floor!

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Jason Girdner
Jason Girdner

Jason Girdner is a visionary entrepreneur and the driving force behind TECOBI, a pioneering automotive advertising technology company renowned for its innovative approach to dealership marketing and sales. With a rich background in automotive sales and a deep passion for technology, Jason co-founded TECOBI to address the evolving communication preferences in the automotive industry, particularly the shift towards text messaging as a primary communication channel.

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