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Mac Haik Chevrolet

Since partnering with TECOBI on August 5th, 2020, Mac Haik Chevrolet has ascended to the pinnacle of success, becoming one of the top 10 largest volume Chevrolet dealerships in the nation. This remarkable journey reached a milestone in January 2024, when they achieved the #1 spot by selling more New Chevrolet vehicles than any other dealership in the country. This achievement underscores the transformative impact of TECOBI’s innovative lead follow-up system, which has been instrumental in nurturing every potential lead with unparalleled consistency and persistence. By integrating TECOBI’s forward-thinking approach, Mac Haik Chevrolet has not only enhanced its sales strategy but has also set a new standard for dealership excellence, proving that with the right tools and dedication, every lead can blossom into a success story.

R&R Car Company

Discover the transformative impact of TECOBI on R&R Car Company’s growth through this insightful testimonial. Learn how TECOBI has become an integral part of their success, contributing to 60-70% of their sales and revolutionizing their follow-up process. This video highlights the long-term value of TECOBI, the importance of seizing every opportunity, and how it has enhanced our customer service and appointment setting, making it a game-changer for their operations. Join us in exploring how TECOBI can drive success and growth for your business too.

Champs Auto Sales

Champs Auto Sales has harnessed the power of TECOBI to revolutionize their lead follow-up process, significantly enhancing their efficiency and effectiveness in engaging potential customers. By integrating TECOBI’s innovative technology, Champs Auto Sales has been able to automate and streamline their communication, ensuring that no lead goes unnoticed and every inquiry receives a timely response. Furthermore, TECOBI’s team of dedicated Ninjas has played a pivotal role in this transformation, offering expert support and guidance to optimize the lead management strategy.

Seguin Chevorlet

Seguin Chevrolet was purchased in October of 2019 when the store was selling about 50 cars per month. During the pandemic him and his team have taken the store to 300 cars per month!

Facebook and TECOBI have been an instrumental part of their success. They have averaged about 35 cars per month at $4,000 per copy with Facebook Leads. Investing a little over $20,000 with a return of over $400,000 over the last 90 days!

Seth Wadley Auto Group

Seth Wadley Auto Group has been using TECOBI in their centralized BDC. They doubled their volume in the 3 years they have been using the software. We hear from many people in the dealership in this testimonial from the Internet Marketing Director to BDC representatives.

They have been using TECOBI for Facebook advertising and lead generation and the have increased sales by driving incremental business via social media advertising.