Automotive Advertising

Automotive Advertising

We are the Best in the Car Business at Social Media Lead Generation and have the Data to Prove It!

Auto dealerships can effectively generate substantial volumes of leads through Facebook, Instagram and TikTok lead generation campaigns. By leveraging the power of these popular social media platforms, dealers can efficiently connect with potential customers and drive customers into the showroom. Unlike other advertisers who mainly drive clicks to dealer websites, we focus on running lead generation ads, generating hundreds of thousands of leads per month for auto dealerships across the nation.

How Do We Know?

The report below demonstrates a dealership's monthly ad spend on Facebook and Instagram. With precise conversion tracking, we can pinpoint the ROI for each ad and unit that generated a car sale. This granular data enables us to continually refine our targeting strategies, ensuring that we reach the right audience on social media for our clients, optimizing their advertising investment.

Dynamic Inventory Ads

By integrating your inventory into Facebook and Instagram ads, we enable their algorithms to more effectively target customers likely to be interested in your specific vehicles. We actively collaborate with META's development team, focusing on conversion training. Each time a lead converts into a car deal, we send a conversion signal, teaching their algorithm to target individuals with higher buying potential. This approach enhances the efficiency and effectiveness of your social media advertising efforts.

Massive Lead Volumes Require a Creative Way of Responding and Following Up

TECOBI's innovative follow up process was initially established to manage the high volume of leads generated from social media ads for our automotive clients. While the closing percentages may not be the highest, the ROI and Cost Per Car Sold from these leads surpass any other source. Our platform enables dealerships to effectively manage the influx of leads without the need to expand their workforce, ensuring maximum value from social media lead generation.

As we continue to run more ads, the algorithms become increasingly adept at targeting potential car buyers. This leads to consistent improvements in conversion rates over time, making our campaigns even more effective for dealerships. ~Jason Girdner - CEO - TECOBI

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