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Are you spending your morning meetings yelling at your dealership’s sales team to get more done? I have news for you: it’s not their fault. If you want to get ahead in the auto industry, you need to know how to get the most amount done by working smart. TECOBI is the answer. TECOBI is a car sales productivity tool. It has everything you need to help you be as productive as possible without wasting time. From running your ads to closing sales, TECOBI is your answer to working smart. 

We Are All About Improving Sales Performance for Your Dealership 

TECOBI is all about helping your dealership improve sales performance. Whether that’s by targeting leads through the mail with our new direct mailers or using texting to engage with customers, we do whatever it takes to help our clients sell more cars.

Just take a look at our case studies to see how we have helped hundreds of our clients increase sales productivity and sales performance.

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You Need a Sales Productivity Tool Like TECOBI

Let me ask you a question: do you want to know how to get the most amount of work done without wasting time? I already know the answer: of course you do. Just like Salesforce has helped thousands of companies across the world become more productive, TECOBI is helping car dealerships across the country increase their productivity — without increasing their workloads. 

Everyone wants to sell more vehicles. That’s the root of TECOBI. Work smarter! Instead of sitting at a desk following up with leads one by one all day long, sit down in the morning, hit send on one mass text from TECOBI, and watch the leads reply to you. 

At its core, TECOBI is a sales productivity tool built for car dealerships. It’s miles better than all those CRMs. You shouldn’t have to work around the clock to sell cars when you have a tool like TECOBI that can do a ton of the mundane work for you. 

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The old way of selling cars involved utilizing pushy sales tactics and pressuring any leads you get to buy a vehicle within just a few days. It was just about getting customers in the door. But here’s the problem: car buyers hate this process, and so do a lot of salespeople! This is not the case with TECOBI. At TECOBI, we help you accrue so many leads via a variety of tactics and then follow up with those leads forever. Dare I say we even make the car buying process easier and more enjoyable for both car buyers and car sellers?! 

If you want to capitalize on your work staff and get your work done effiently, you need to embrace cutting-edge technology like TECOBI.

Run Ads That Work

At TECOBI, we can run your Facebook and Instagram advertising campaigns for you. I hate to break it to you, but you are probably going about your automotive advertising completely wrong. Are you wasting all your time targeting your ads to a narrow audience? We know how to create auto marketing campaigns that really work. With more than $30 million in Facebook and Instagram ad spend, we have a huge arsenal of data and understand conversion patterns and create ads that convert. We show your best inventory and specials to everyone near your dealership, and drive them from Facebook and Instagram directly into your dealership. 

Use Direct Mail, Too

TECOBI also offers a modern direct mail solution for dealerships. We believe in helping you get leads via any source. You can create your direct mail directly within TECOBI. Our direct mail includes a phone number and pin codes that can be texted in by customers to inquire about the offer in your mail piece. 

Text Thousands of Leads At Once

With TECOBI, you have the ability to text hundreds or even thousands of leads at once with just the press of a button. (After all, most car buyers prefer texting over phone calls for dealer communication) Or, you can have our Text Ninjas do it for you. The TECOBI ping-pong process helps you follow up with every lead. Our proprietary SMS marketing software for dealerships allows you to do everything via texting, from getting a credit report to figuring out what the lead wants. Then, when and if the lead is ready for a phone call or to come in to the dealership, we tee them off to you. 

Recruit and Retain a Better Sales Team

You don’t just need TECOBI for your dealership. You also need a team of excellent car salespeople to utilize TECOBI and close car deals. Sales teams love using TECOBI. (And no, you don’t have to worry. Robots aren’t coming for your sales job.) Equip your sales team with the best software in the auto industry to help them do their jobs even better and easier. 

Use Automation Without Losing the Human Touch

TECOBI allows your dealership to harness the power of automating various marketing tasks for your dealership. But the beautiful thing about TECOBI is that your leads will never know they were talking to anyone other than the sales team at their local dealership. When a lead gets hot, we tee them over to your sales team. They still get the satisfaction of closing the deal themselves, and your clients never know the difference. 

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How to Increase Sales Productivity and Work Smart with TECOBI

If you want to increase sales productivity at your dealership and get the most amount done, you need TECOBI. TECOBI is beneficial for both small and large dealerships. We make it simple for you to work smart! Be the most productive car dealership throughout the holiday season and in 2023 with the help of TECOBI. Schedule a demo with us today!

It’s the Perfect Time to Invest in Car Dealer Software

I don’t want to scare you, but the demand for cars is cooling. Now is the perfect time to invest in software for your auto dealership. The bubble of the car shortage is going to burst, and you’re going to be stuck without any leads if you don’t have great software.

Get TECOBI to Give Your Dealership an Unfair Advantage

It’s time to take control and get an unfair advantage for your dealership with TECOBI. There are several software advantages for car dealerships. The other dealerships in your area will wonder how you’re selling so many vehicles. TECOBI began as a social media and SMS marketing agency, but we are so much more. Call us today to get in the fast lane!

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