How do good car salesmen get leads? The answer to this question is a lot different than it used to be. Cold calling used to be the way of life for many car salesmen. But in 2021, cold calling just won’t cut it. Why waste time on awkward, uncomfortable sales phone calls with someone who may or may not be interested, when you can instead directly target your audience in a much easier way? 

As the automotive industry is changing, car salesmen need to change their tactics, too. These days, social media marketing and advertising is one sure way to get auto leads. Did you know that 78% of salespeople who use social media actually outsell their peers? Say it with me, car salesmen: social selling is the new lead generation. Let’s discuss how a good car salesman gets leads in 2021.

How Does a Good Car Salesman Get Leads?

We see it all the time. Too many car salesmen and car dealerships still rely on traditional, old-fashioned advertising methods. Traditional methods include TV and radio ads, billboards, newspaper ads, you name it. How many commercials for car dealerships do you see while watching TV? On the other hand, too few car salesmen and dealerships are utilizing social media marketing. It’s called the digital age for a reason. Your leads are on Facebook. Why aren’t you? 

For some car salesmen and auto dealers, simply having a presence on Facebook and other social media platforms is enough. Perhaps they have a business page where they post some photos of available vehicles, some content, or post about their latest sale. Others, however, utilize a fully integrated social media strategy including ads, generating leads, and engaging with potential customers. Which kind of car salesman would you rather be?

A good car salesman knows that Facebook can help him (or her) sell cars. Yes, really. In fact, one auto dealership that works with us at TECOBI spent $860 on Facebook advertising and sold ten cars. That’s only $86 per car sold! It’s cheaper than making a TV commercial and gives you a better ROI, too. Plus, Facebook advertising leads to more brand visibility, leads, and yes, more sales.

Social Media Marketing for Car Salesmen

Are you ready to get ahead of your competition and sell more cars? Here are some of the best social media marketing tips for car salesmen. Every one of these tips is designed to help you find more leads using social media to your advantage. 

Use Facebook Lead Ads for Automotive

Facebook offers Facebook lead ads for the automotive industry that make it easy to get information from potential leads. That’s because Facebook uses forms that may be pre-populated with the user’s contact information, which makes it more likely for them to agree to share it with you.

Respond Quickly to Your Leads 

But what happens next you may ask? That’s where TECOBI comes in. We have proprietary text messaging software that allows you to start a text message conversation with your lead immediately after they submit the lead form on Facebook. You have a better chance of converting your lead into a customer because your response will be so quick. Our attention spans these days are short. 

You might be thinking, “Wait, a text? Not a phone call?” That’s right. Texting is much less invasive and a much more natural follow-up to a Facebook lead form than a phone call. What if your lead clicked on your Facebook ad while they were in an important work meeting, then their phone rings? Oops. A text is a gentler yet more effective approach. 

Another benefit? Texting allows you, the car salesman, to text with more than one lead at once. (Don’t worry, we won’t tell.) You can’t do that with a phone call. Texting sells more cars. It’s a fact.

car sales personal

Make it Personal

The best part? Our texts are personalized for each of your leads. For example, we can include the lead’s first name and the model of the vehicle that enticed them into clicking on the ad. “Hi Susan, I noticed you liked the 2019 Ford Escape! Do you have any questions I can answer about the vehicle?” Your lead will feel appreciated and have an inherent sense of trust in you right away. 

Be Ready to Take Things Offline

Once you have developed a connection with your social media lead, it’s time to take things offline. Once you have developed a rapport with your potential client, you can suggest a visit to the dealership, a phone call, a test drive, whatever feels right.

Don’t Apply Too Much Pressure or Pre-Qualify Leads 

We’ve talked a lot about what you should do with social media marketing. Let’s talk about one thing you absolutely shouldn’t do. Don’t pre-qualify your Facebook leads right away, or start asking too many questions about their credit score and how much they have for a down payment. You don’t want to scare off a lead too early, and Facebook leads aren’t as committed right away as someone who walked into the dealership.

social media car salesman

Use Analytics to Make Sure It’s Working

Don’t forget to utilize analytics to track the success of your Facebook ads and other social media marketing campaigns, too. We want to hear about how much it has helped you sell more cars. 

Social Media Auto Leads

If you are ready to get started finding your own auto leads through social media, get in touch with us at TECOBI today. Forget cold calling! We can help you run Facebook ads, integrate our text messaging technology, and SELL MORE CARS in 2021!

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Vincent Hoss

Wow this sounds like a much easier way to interact with customers. Will this work for individual sales people or just the dealership?

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