Are you currently buying your car sales leads? Why? Work with TECOBI and you will never, ever buy auto leads again. Buying car leads is expensive, ineffective, and outdated. At TECOBI, we do the hard work for you and find your car sales leads through our innovative technology. How do we do it? Through Instagram and Facebook advertising and our proprietary SMS marketing. We’ll generate the leads and set the appointments for you. All you have to do is sell the cars! Learn why you will never have to buy auto leads again with the power of TECOBI behind your auto dealership.

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Should I Buy Auto Leads?

The simple answer is no, you should not buy auto leads. There is no reason for you to buy auto leads ever again. Though purchasing a list of auto leads might seem simple and easy, the truth is that many of the people on that list never opted in in the first place. Then, when you start cold calling the list, you find that many of the so-called leads are disinterested and perhaps even annoyed.

Why should you keep paying for leads that rarely end in sales? And why waste your sales team’s time cold-calling leads when you can let the leads find you instead? It’s time to try a new tactic. Rather than calling purchased leads, you should try to use our personalized inbound lead generations tactics. If you market and advertise your auto dealership correctly, you will save money AND find more leads – and sell more cars. We’ll tell you how.

Lead Pricing: Buying Leads vs. Social Media Marketing

According to one study, the average price of an auto lead is more than $200. Why would you pay that much when, like one of our clients, you can pay for less than $1,000 worth of Facebook ads and SELL 10 cars? Yes, that really happened. Our Chevrolet client spent $860 on automotive Facebook marketing and ended up selling 10 cars as a result. That breaks down to only $86 per car. How much are you spending on one individual lead right now?

Rather than buying leads that may or may not pan out, TECOBI puts your ads in front of potential buyers on Facebook and Instagram. Some people don’t know yet what they want in their next vehicle. Or perhaps they don’t even realize yet that they want a new vehicle. They see a photo in your Facebook ad on their page and they realize, “Wow, I want that car.” They click on the ad, and the Facebook lead form auto-populates with their contact information. Immediately, TECOBI’s innovative text marketing ninjas send the lead a text message to follow up, and you’re on your way to a successful car sale.

Why Aren’t My Auto Leads Working?

According to Auto Remarketing, there are three main reasons why many leads don’t work out. TECOBI helps you solve all three of these problems. Here’s how:

1. Follow Up in a Timely Fashion

Many shoppers in Auto Remarketing’s study did not hear from dealerships in a timely fashion, which is why they ultimately ended up purchasing a vehicle from a different dealership. TECOBI solves this problem by IMMEDIATELY texting your car sales leads for you. You will never lose a potential lead to another dealership when your potential client has an opportunity to interact with you right away.

2. Communicating via the Customer’s Preferred Method

These days, most consumers aren’t interested in talking on the phone. And most won’t even notice a sales email in their inbox. This is why texting is the best method to use to reach your leads in 2021. If you text your lead and they don’t seem like they enjoy texting, you can always offer a phone call, in-person visit, or email, if they prefer. Texting is sure to get your lead’s attention but doesn’t put as much pressure on them as a phone call does. It also allows them to leave your website or Facebook and still maintain their conversation with you. That’s why text messaging helps you sell more cars, faster.

3. Confusion Regarding Price and Value Proposition

TECOBI’s Facebook and Instagram ads always clearly and most importantly, accurately, state the price of your inventory so you can find real leads. Your leads will know the right price of your vehicles. While it might be tempting to list your vehicles at a lower price in your ads, you will ultimately not be able to make a sale.

Benefits of Getting Auto Sales Leads Through Social Media

If you’re not already convinced, there are several benefits to getting your leads through social media rather than buying them.

Frees Up Time for Your Sales Team

Endlessly cold-calling leads takes up a ton of valuable time for your sales team that could be better spent doing other tasks. With social media ads, all you do is start a campaign (or let TECOBI) do it for you, and the leads find you instead.

Proven Results

As mentioned earlier, TECOBI has helped dealerships across the country change their lead generation tactics and find more success.

Sells More Cars

At the end of the day, our goal is to help your dealership sell more cars. Period.

buying leads vs social media marketing

How to Get the BEST Car Sales Leads

How do you get your auto sales leads? At TECOBI, we create Facebook and Instagram ads for your dealership. We start out by designing ads that show off your best inventory and deals, and then make sure to get eyeballs near your dealerships on those ads.

Next, our proprietary technology helps you follow up with the leads for those ads with text messages. We text your leads immediately, which is proven to convert more leads into customers. SMS marketing is the latest and greatest in lead generation for the automotive industry.

Rather than buying sales leads, instead partner with TECOBI, an automotive social media and SMS marketing agency. We can help you sell more cars, faster!

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Ramae Allen

Personally we have DROPPED all 3rd party lead sources! and Went totally with Google and Facebook!!!! Best Decision EVER! Communication has changed! And everyone needs to get with the program and Give Tecobi a try!!!!!

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