Facebook lead generation ads can help you start conversations with car buyers higher up the sales funnel, giving you the opportunity to sell them a car before your competition does.

Take a few minutes and watch this YouTube video from Jason Girdner the CEO of TECOBI. He will explain some of the reasons you shouldn’t ask credit questions and start the qualification process with leads generated from Facebook ads.


Since you are reaching customers higher up the sales funnel you can’t start asking them for down payments and co-signers. They are not as committed as someone who has done days of research looking for a vehicle. You will scare them off and they will likely tell you they don’t have any money down or co-signer available.

Most customers have negative equity or some kind of credit concerns, you are risking losing a large portion of your leads by moving too fast with them and asking for down payments and co-signers over the phone. It is better to take it slow and invite them into the dealership. Get them to fall in love with a vehicle and they will find a way to purchase it.

As of the time of writing this blog, we have generated over 600,000 leads for auto dealerships using Facebook lead generation ads. We have hundereds of thousands of phone calls and text conversations to analyze, and the numbers overwhelming show that the dealerships who don’t pre-qualify Facebook customers, drastically out perform those who do. It isn’t even close.

Slow down, get the customer to come into the dealership for an appointment and watch your sales (and gross margins) skyrocket using Facebook lead generation ads to reach customers higher up the funnel before your competition does.


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