We have all seen the major changes that have occurred over the last few years in the way that vehicles are being sold and purchased. Car buyers aren’t finding dealerships in the traditional ways anymore, and that means you need to find a new way of communicating with your clients. Dealerships’ technology needs to evolve to meet the needs of today’s customers. TECOBI’s software is better than any of the other CRMs out there. No other software can help you sell more cars than TECOBI. CRMs are a waste of your sales team’s time. By the end of this article, I am going to show you why TECOBI is better than any of the other CRMs that are built for the automotive industry.

Future of CRM's in Automotive

What is the Future of CRM’s?

A CRM used to be the best tool in the game for auto businesses that needed some help nurturing leads from the internet. Key words: used to be. Because that was BT: Before TECOBI. 

The future of CRMs in the automotive industry is pretty bleak. Most dealerships are over the restrictive technology and outdated processes of CRMs. Not to even mention that the last things car salesmen and women want to do all day is sit on a CRM. They want to do their job and sell cars. 

It’s time to reevaluate your CRM. The relationship between you and your customers is the heart of your dealership. You need the best possible way to nurture your leads and communicate with your clients. 

I designed TECOBI to be better than any of the CRMs out there and to help dealerships sell more cars, faster. I have traveled through the country visiting dealerships in order to find out what they need to do to get their numbers up, and the result is TECOBI.

So, What are the Easiest CRM’s to Use?

Gotcha! Trick question. There is no CRM that is easy to use. We all know this. CRMs are a pain. A CRM is merely a software. TECOBI is much more than just software. It is a system staffed by real, live Text Ninjas who take control of your dealership’s SMS/Text conversations to make your job – and life – easier. We set up the appointments, and all you have to do is sell the cars.

Skip Annoying CRM Training with TECOBI

One of the top questions when adding a Customer Relationship Manager to your dealership is if you will be able to train your sales team to feel comfortable using this tool. TECOBI is easy to use.

With TECOBI, there is no need to spend hours teaching your sales team how to use a CRM (that they probably don’t even want to use.) TECOBI is easy to use and it actually works. Salesmen actually love using TECOBI because it allows them to do their job and sell cars, instead of spending all day on the phone.

Unlike a CRM, TECOBI is staffed with real people who help you sell more cars in real time. Car buyers are sick of the pushy sales tactics they associate with car dealerships.Put those pushy sales tactics in the past with TECOBI and give your customers a better car-buying experience.

CRM Training


It’s Monday morning. You are dreading going into the dealership and dealing with your CRM. Or, you can go wake up and start your day with the click of *one* button, and follow up with up to 5,000 leads. It’s that easy with TECOBI. 

I’m going to tell you exactly why TECOBI is better than the other CRMs out there:

Sales Call Follow Up Tecobi

Follow Up with THOUSANDS of Leads at a Time with TECOBI

How long would it take you to follow up with 3,000 leads? At TECOBI, following up with thousands of leads at a time is as simple as pressing a button. 

TECOBI Helps You Follow Up With Leads Forever

How many leads do you abandon because you simply can’t keep following up with them? Particularly with the automotive chip shortage, buyers are starting their car-buying process earlier, which means you need to nurture them longer. With TECOBI, there is no such thing as a dead lead. We follow up with leads forever, until they buy or they die. We wait until they are actually ready to buy a car, rather than pressuring them to come into the dealership and buy a car way before they are ready. This just results in the buyer going elsewhere to purchase a vehicle when they ARE ready, which is the last thing you want to happen.

TECOBI Allows You to Chase Down Leads Who Are Ready to Buy a Car

And when you have as many leads as you will have in TECOBI, you won’t need to chase down all the leads who aren’t quite ready yet. You will have plenty of leads waiting to talk to you who are ready to buy a car. You have properly placed them in the sales funnel, and you can nudge the other leads later.

TECOBI Offers Live Video Conferencing

The future of auto sales is virtual. While virtual reality might not be, well, a reality quite yet when it comes to selling cars, it’s close. TECOBI allows you to use live video conferencing to chat with leads and show your leads the cars you love. It’s a COVID invention we’re keeping around, because clients love it.

TECOBI Allows You to Text Customers

TECOBI’s ping-pong process allows you to shoot the ball back and forth with your lead via text. It’s the preferred method of communicating with most customers in 2022. Most car buyers prefer texting over a phone call or a visit to the dealership before they are ready.

Try TECOBI for Your Dealership Today

TECOBI is the first step to car buying of the future. We have various enterprise pricing plans ranging from $495 per month to $3,495 per month (plus a one-time setup fee.) And for the first time, we are offering month-to-month contracts. This makes it easier for your dealership to give us a try and see that we really know what we’re doing. Let’s get some more customers on the road and dream cars in driveways together.

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