Why “Just Get Them in the Door” Isn’t Good Enough Anymore

“Just get them in the door” used to be a good sales policy at auto dealerships. You hooked a lead (maybe through good old-fashioned cold-calling) and you just wanted to get that lead in the door of your showroom so you could close the deal and send the customer home in some new wheels. However, that tactic isn’t good enough anymore. This is 2022. Now, you need the ability to follow up with leads for a long time as buyers do their research online and shop around before visiting a dealership. Only TECOBI has the ability to help you follow up with thousands of leads at the click of a button, each and every day. Our auto lead process is the best in the car industry. TECOBI has the car selling software you need to sell more cars, faster. 

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TECOBI Software

“Just Get Them in the Door” is Over

“Just get them in the door” is not it. It doesn’t work anymore because most car buyers have already completed most of the car-buying process before they ever walk through the door of a dealership these days. (That is, if they even walk through the door of a dealership at all.) Buyers are looking at vehicles online, comparing models and prices, and completing as much of the sales funnel online as possible. Consumers are spending more than nine hours online researching vehicles they like and looking for a vehicle to purchase. And it’s not just because of COVID. Other factors have accelerated the switch to digital retail in the automotive industry.

What Car Buyers Want

Here’s the deal: customers want a transparent, easy car-buying process. They don’t want to endure the pushy sales tactics that most dealerships are known for using to close the deal. 87% of Americans dislike some part of the process of buying a vehicle at a dealership. That’s why some car buyers have turned to Carvana and Tesla, so they can use a digital retail process to buy a car. I’m trying to fix that. 

However, as we are seeing more and more, these companies have issues, too. They might automatically turn down a customer who doesn’t have the right credit score, without even giving them a chance to put more down. 

Dealerships need to seize the opportunity to modernize and adopt the best parts of digital retail, while also capitalizing on the novelty of being a smaller local business and the ability to offer a more personal experience.

Current State of the Auto Industry

Let’s be real: the auto industry is in a weird transition phase right now. Between the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the shift to digital retail, low inventory, and the threat of online competitors like Carvana, dealerships need to adapt to survive. I truly believe that a fundamental shift in how well we follow up will create an environment that doesn’t require such aggressive sales tactics and ultimately helps both the buyer and the dealership. TECOBI helps you follow up better with the leads you already have, so you’re not constantly wasting time trying to track down new leads.

How TECOBI’s Car Selling Software Can Help You

At its base, TECOBI is a car selling software. We are a SaaS automotive marketing platform. But TECOBI is also so much more than that. The key to selling more cars is following up more efficiently. TECOBI’s ping pong process helps you follow up with every lead, forever. Until they buy or they die. 

The ability to follow up forever means you’re not endlessly changing down new leads. When you follow up with customers long enough, you build a working pipeline that isn’t so dependent on brand new leads. Most buyers take an average of 89 days to complete the car-buying process. 

No more dealing with potential buyers ghosting you and you have no idea why. Plus, our innovative SMS platform means no more hassling customers with phone calls. Most people hate talking on the phone. Texting is much less invasive and more effective. 

When you partner with TECOBI, we do all the hard work for you. We capture the leads with our Facebook and Instagram ads that really work. (We’ve done our research and put in the time, and we know how to create ads that actually convert.) Then, we follow up with those leads until one is ready to come into the dealership and buy a car. We toss them over to you, where you close the deal. The car buyer never knows that part of the process was outsourced to us. Your salesperson gets the full details of our conversation with them so they are prepared to make a sale.

car sales woman and customers
car sales man with customers

TECOBI Advantages

TECOBI can solve your problems. You don’t have to worry about getting clients in the door anymore, because we do it for you. Here are just a few of the many advantages of TECOBI: 

    • Never have to cold-call to try to find leads again. We find the leads for you with our Facebook and Instagram ads.


    • Definitely never *buy* auto lead sales again.


    • We take the busywork out of selling cars! We do all the annoying followup for you, so your sales team can do what they do best: close sales.


    • Utilize social media and texting to update your selling tactics and sell more cars. (And spend way less of your day on the phone!)


    • We help you follow up forever. No more dead leads!


    • Partner with a team who cares about your success as much as you do. We have the same goal you do: to help you sell more cars.


    • Get 10X the ROI. (And we have the data to prove it.)


    • We are constantly updating our software with feedback from our clients to make it work even better for you and help you sell more cars. 


Hit the Accelerator with TECOBI Today


TECOBI is the first step to car buying of the future. We have various enterprise pricing plans ranging from $495 per month to $3,495 per month (plus a one-time setup fee.) And for the first time, we are offering month-to-month contracts. This makes it easier for your dealership to give us a try and see that we really know what we’re doing. Let’s get some more customers on the road and dream cars in driveways together. 


buying a new car

How do we do it? We show the best inventory and your latest specials to the people near your dealership. We drive them from Facebook and Instagram, straight into your dealership and into their new vehicle. We are the dealership marketing proof that you don’t need to lie to sell cars on Facebook. So don’t do it! Instead, trust the automotive marketing experts at TECOBI. We’ll help you sell cars and retain the trust of your market and your customers.

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