Why Does the Car Buying Process Stink and Why Dealers Have To Be So Aggressive

Let’s be real about the traditional car buying process: it stinks. Car buyers hate it. Most car salesmen even hate it. People dread buying a new car. And having to deal with overly pushy salesmen? Ugh. But why does the car buying process stink? And why do dealers have to be so aggressive? I’ll tell you the answer: CRMs. CRMs are slowing down your dealership, not speeding it up. TECOBI makes the car buying process better, for dealerships AND for car buyers.

Why Does the Car Buying Process Stink And Why Dealers Have To Be So Aggressive

There is a reason why competitors to car dealerships like Carmax, Vroom, and Carvana are popping up in the automotive industry. The traditional car buying process sucks.

Here is why the car buying process sucks and dealers have to be aggressive: their CRMs stink. CRMs have become a massive time suck on sales people completing pointless tasks, instead of doing what they should be doing: closing car sales.

CRMs are the problem. Most car salesmen hate CRMs! (But they love TECOBI.) No real car salesperson wants to sit behind a desk and in front of a computer all day, clicking away at buttons. They want to sell cars.

Guess what else salespeople AND car buyers don’t like? Aggressive sales tactics. If someone isn’t ready to buy a vehicle, then they’re not ready. I have news for you: those pushy car sales tactics are in the past.

The car buying process sucks and dealers have to be aggressive because of the terrible software and terrible ideas that have been pushed on them for years. PERIOD.

But, there’s a better way. Buying cars doesn’t have to feel like pulling teeth. We know that this process is broken, so we need a fix. Well, that fix is TECOBI. I have been in the automotive industry for decades. I travel around the country and visit dealerships to figure out how we can constantly make TECOBI work even better for our clients. Unlike those boring, stale CRMs, at TECOBI we are constantly innovating to stay ahead of the competition. 

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There is a Better Way of Lead Follow Up for Your Dealership 

Has someone ever come up to you at a trade show and tried to brainwash you into believing that most customers buy a car between three and seven days after submitting a lead? I have news for you: this is absolutely not true, and I have massive amounts of data to prove it. 

According to Autolist, most people are in the car-buying market for an average of 89 days. But while car shopping, consumers usually spend more than nine hours researching vehicles they like and shopping online for a vehicle to purchase. The reality is, most dealers are following up with car buyers for the amount of time they need to be. 

If you want to retain a better sales team, you need TECOBI. TECOBI makes sales teams better and more efficient. 

Let’s talk about how TECOBI is different.

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How TECOBI Improves Your Lead ROI

TECOBI’s software is way better than any CRM out there. We have the best lead follow-up process in the industry. It’s not just great for customers, but for sales teams, too. No good car salesman wants a good lead to fall through the cracks. That will never happen with TECOBI. 

Here’s how it works: with TECOBI, you can follow up with thousands of leads at the click of a button. Our proprietary technology meets the challenges that CRMs can’t. We make it easy for you to follow up with your leads forever, until they buy or they die. 

Each of our Text Ninjas are paired with artificial intelligence and have the potential to text with thousands of customers for your dealership, every day. We work alongside your team to increase productivity, especially when compared to a CRM. Finally, our Text Ninjas tee off hot leads to your 

TECOBI allows you to use the automation of a CRM without losing the human touch. It’s the best of both worlds. We help you engage with more customers, set more appointments, and ultimately, sell more vehicles.

Why CRM Software Sucks! 

Most CRMs are garbage software. They make it impossible to follow up correctly with customers. Some customers take between six and 12 months to finally make a decision on purchasing a vehicle from the first time they first submit a lead. (And some take even longer!) Maybe their lease isn’t up for a few more months. Or maybe they can’t quite afford a down payment yet. Perhaps the lead is a father investigating potential vehicles for his son or daughter who will turn 16 in a few months. The crappy CRMs that the majority of car dealers are using don’t allow you to follow up forever. 

One of the main problems with CRMs is that they don’t allow sales teams to follow up fast enough with leads. When someone submits a lead form, TECOBI allows you to follow up with a text message immediately. With our text messaging software, we provide a lightning-fast response and help you convert leads at a much higher rate. This turns even your “dead leads” into sold cars. 

When dealers can’t follow up with leads, they are forced to be overly aggressive with the new leads they have coming in. They are forced to do this to extract a good ROI from the advertising dollars spent to generate the leads.

Here’s the bottom line: CRMs are a waste of time. TECOBI saves you time. Which do you want for your dealership?

How TECOBI Makes the Car Buying Process Better

TECOBI is miles better than any CRM. We make your follow-up process more efficient across all lead sources. As the weather is cooling down, so is the demand for cars. The time to act to improve the car buying process at YOUR dealership is now. Schedule your TECOBI demo today to see how we can help you sell more cars than a CRM, and faster, too.

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