Is your car dealership struggling with leads? Whether your dealership is struggling with too few leads, too many leads, or abandoning leads too quickly, we have the solution. TECOBI’s software can help you not only GET leads, but FOLLOW UP WITH LEADS FOREVER. It’s not about just getting leads in the door anymore. It’s also about how you get leads and the way you go about following up with leads. TECOBI has the best follow-up in the game. I have spent years honing TECOBI’s software and process to ensure that this is the case, and I continue to update our software on a regular basis to match the evolving needs of the auto industry, our dealership clients, and car buyers.

Why Auto Dealerships Struggle with Leads and How Tecobi’s Software Can Help

There are plenty of reasons why dealerships struggle with leads. Here are a few of the most common:

Too Many Leads

Lots of people are trying to buy a vehicle right now, which is good news for most dealerships. However, the demand for vehicles means that lots of dealerships are drowning in leads. But these dealerships simply don’t have the capability to follow up with thousands of leads. TECOBI, on the other hand, allows you to follow up with thousands of leads with the simple click of a button.

Too Few Leads

On the flip side, some dealerships aren’t able to get any leads. That’s probably because they are using antiquated methods of attracting customers, like billboards and TV commercials. At TECOBI, we use innovative social media ads to obtain thousands of leads for our clients. It’s cheaper and more effective than buying leads, which never works out.

Not Enough Leads
Abandoned car sales leads

Abandon Leads Too Quickly

Most car buyers are in the market for an average of 89 days. However, most dealerships abandon leads after a month or so. This is a huge mistake. You might be giving up on leads after a few weeks, then they end up buying a vehicle from the dealership down the street instead. Dealerships that use TECOBI have ended up making sales from leads that they obtained up to a year later – with minimal effort by the dealership, and minimal nuisance for the consumer.

Aggressive Selling

Car buyers are over the pushy, aggressive sales tactics of the past. It’s why many consumers are turning to non-traditional car buying methods, like CarMax, Carvana, and TRED. The current state of the auto industry is not helping matters. Many consumers view car-buying as a miserable experience. This needs to change in order for car dealerships to survive.

Outdated Follow-Up Tactics

Are you still calling your leads? No one likes to pick up a phone call anymore, except maybe your grandma. It’s a fact that consumers prefer text messages over phone calls. So stop cold-calling clients who will never answer the phone anyway, and instead use TECOBI to text with your leads. Once the consumer indicates that they are comfortable with a phone call, we’ll let you know and then you can pick up the phone.

Whatever lead issue your dealership is dealing with, TECOBI has the solution. Here’s just one example: when COVID hit and dealerships were panicking about not being able to have customers on the sales floor, we developed live video conferencing so our dealerships could show clients vehicles and continue to do their jobs.

How TECOBI Helps Your Dealership Follow Up With Leads

TECOBI has the best lead followup in the game. Here is exactly how we can help your dealership follow up with leads:

We Obtain Thousands of Leads

Our first step is to obtain leads for your dealership. How? With our Facebook and Instagram ads. With $30 million ad spend so far, our arsenal of data helps us understand conversion patterns and how to generate Facebook ads that really work.

Follow Up Till They Buy or They Die

At TECOBI, we don’t give up on leads. Sometimes we have leads in our working pipeline for your dealership for up to a year before they actually buy a vehicle. We gently follow up with leads over time until they are actually ready to purchase a car.

Ability to Follow Up With the Click of a Button

Imagine being able to sit down for work at your dealership in the morning and follow up with 3,000 leads at the click of a button. With TECOBI, this is extremely possible. Here is an example of a blast you might send out: “How long have you had your current vehicle, (client name)?”

Follow up with car leads
Text hot car leads

Text Messaging is the Key

Our Text Ninjas use proprietary SMS technology to chat with leads. Trust me, leads love it. They can text with your dealership and even submit a credit app or give you details about their trade-in, without having to stop everything else they’re doing. Consumers love the convenience of texting and the subtle nudge and reminder from a salesperson, without all the hassle. (Added bonus: leads never know that they are talking to TECOBI. They always think that they are texting directly with our dealership. Don’t worry, we’ll never tell.)

Hot Lead Notifications

Our latest innovation in TECOBI (I am continually updating our software to make sure it’s effective for our clients) is our hot lead notifications. A hot lead notification is an alert you will get inside TECOBI that we have a lead that is ready to come into the dealership and buy a car, and needs the immediate attention of your sales team.

Try TECOBI Today and Struggle With Leads No Longer! 

It’s time to take control of your lead management. At TECOBI, we obtain the leads for you and set the appointments. All you have to do is sell the cars. We are the future of car buying. Check out our pricing and schedule a demo for your dealership, and never struggle with leads again.

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