Why Aren’t My Facebook Auto Ads Working?

“Why aren’t my Facebook auto ads working?” Obviously, you found this article because you’re frustrated. The Facebook ads for your auto dealership aren’t working out the way you had hoped, but you’re not sure why. The answer likely isn’t what you’re thinking. We’ll tell you why your Facebook ads aren’t working. Plus, we’ll tell you how you can use social media ads to actually sell more cars with TECOBI. 

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Why Your Facebook Auto Ads Aren’t Working

Be honest with yourself. Your Facebook ads, well, they suck. They’re just not working. But here’s the thing: it’s not really your fault. Auto dealers around the country struggle with the best way to market to a social media audience. 

We’ll let you in on a little secret. The problem isn’t actually with your Facebook ads themselves. The problem is the leads you are finding on social media. Typically, they’re not an active buyer. These leads usually aren’t looking to purchase a vehicle within the next 24 to 48 hours. The people who see the ads might not have woken up that day thinking about buying a car. Maybe they want a car today, but maybe they aren’t quite ready yet. We get customers from all over the sales funnel via Facebook ads. This results in a large volume of leads. 

But how do you keep up with all these new leads? Car buying is the long game. Are you geared up to play the long game with hundreds, even thousands, of social media leads? The answer is most likely no. But at TECOBI, we are prepared to handle as many leads as we can get for your dealership.

How You Can Sell More Cars with TECOBI

So, what’s the solution? TECOBI. We not only capture more social media leads for your dealership, but we follow up, well, forever. We play the long game. While there are plenty of great Facebook strategies out there for auto dealers, no one else has the capabilities for follow-up like we do at TECOBI.

Our company has the team and the software to play the game for as long as it takes. We do it so you and your sales team don’t have to. You can focus on what you do best: selling cars. 

We’re just here to help you sell more cars, faster. We do all the hard work for you, from running your Facebook ads to following up with leads. All you have to do is sell the cars.


The Only KPIs That Matter

At TECOBI, we care about four KPIs, and they are the same ones you care about:

  • How many leads you’re getting
  • How many appointments are being set
  • How many of those appointments show up
  • How many of those appointments turn into sold cars 

Where is your ad spend going? To clicks and impressions? Is that telling you how many cars you’re selling? Not likely. Clicks and impressions don’t matter in this business. 

What matters is how many cars you sell. We’re transparent. We want you to know how we’re performing for you. We have spent more than $30 million in Facebook and Instagram ads. We know what works and what doesn’t. 

Let us show you how you can turn your social media leads into long-term, incremental growth with TECOBI.

The TECOBI Difference

At TECOBI, we generate the online leads, we set the appointments, and all you have to do is close the deal and sell the cars. 

If you’re still skeptical, let’s go over how and why TECOBI’s system works:

Facebook and Instagram Ads

First, we run your Facebook and Instagram ads for you. You won’t have to think about them ever again. Our lead generation ads capture the lead’s information directly through the platform, so they don’t need to spend time filling out the form. Once the lead clicks “next,” they will see a disclaimer that allows them to opt-in for text messages.

lead generation leading to sale
text ninja

Our Text Ninjas Follow Up…Forever

Here’s the important part. Our TECOBI technology allows our Text Ninjas to follow up with thousands of leads at the click of a button. Can your dealership do that?

We follow up right away, which works well for some leads who actually are ready to buy. For others, we are more persistent. How many leads do you eventually drop because they are simply not ready to buy a car yet? That will never happen with TECOBI. Sometimes, our dealerships sell a car even a YEAR after the lead first sees your ad on Facebook. 

We have nurtured that lead for you and followed up periodically so that when they are ready to buy, they come to your dealership. Our proprietary technology makes it possible for us to do that. We can follow up with as many leads as we can find for your dealerships for as long as it takes to turn them into buyers. 

We follow up ‘til they buy or they die.

All You Have to Do is Sell the Cars!

Once we have a solid lead who is ready to make an appointment, we hand them over to your sales team. It’s a seamless transition. The lead never knows they were texting with us. The best part is, your team doesn’t have to spend all day every day chasing down leads. Instead, they get to be the closers. We deliver the leads, and you close the deals and sell the cars. 


car being sold because of tecobi sales lead

Get Facebook Ads That Actually Work with TECOBI

As we are nearing the end of 2021, every car dealership is just trying to survive. Auto sales bounced back in 2021, but not all the way. If you found us because you are struggling to sell cars, let TECOBI help. Forget your crappy Facebook ads that don’t work. It’s time to shift gears to TECOBI. We help car dealerships sell more cars, faster.

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