There is no long-term contract or requirement to continue using TECOBI after this one-week in-store training. There are two parts to this training. The short play and the long play for Facebook marketing.

The Short Play
Jason Girdner, the CEO of TECOBI, will come to your dealership and work leads in front of your team. He will text message and call to set appointments on those leads. The leads will be generated through Facebook Lead Gen Ads using the TECOBI software. He will show your team how to use TECOBI and text message to make themselves more productive with leads and spend more of their time talking to customers instead of leaving voicemails all day. This is a “show me don’t tell me” technique of training.

This week-long training will include $1500 in ad spend to run Facebook Lead Gen ads. Jason will work the leads coming off these ads using the TECOBI software while he is in-store. He will not sell the cars. That is up to the dealership. He will work Text Messages and make Phone Calls to get people into the store.

The Long Play
Jason Girdner, the CEO of TECOBI, will help your team utilize Facebook to build long-term relationships with customers. He will show them how to get their customers into their personal Facebook networks. He will show them how to engage with those customers. He will give your team ideas on what they could be posting to get more engagement from their audience. He will also add them into his network and help keep them engaged on Facebook.

With companies like Carvana entering the marketplace, strong relationships with customers are more important than ever. Facebook allows salespeople to build those strong relationships with customers. Many salespeople and dealerships use Facebook the wrong way for organic growth. Organic Facebook is about building relationships with “people”. Over posting spammy sales messages is fatal to organic Facebook marketing.

Many salespeople have given up on Facebook all together or never even tried using it. Jason will work with your team to show them the benefits. His phone goes off all day with new opportunities from Facebook. With a week in store, most, if not all, of your team will be sold on why they need to use Facebook to grow their professional careers in the car business.

Additional Information
Jason is not a car salesperson. He has never sold a car. He is a skilled telephone sales person with 100s of thousands of calls made. He has ran a large scale call center setting appointments for car dealers nationwide. He has also personally utilized Facebook to grow his personal network and wealth substantially over the past few years. He doesn’t just come to tell your team how it is done. He comes to show them how it is done.

The Perfect Storm
By combining a transactional lead generation process from Facebook and funneling the customers into a strong relationship process with your sales team, you are creating the perfect storm for long-term success for your dealership.

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Only two slots availale per month. Calendar is going to fill up fast!

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