Have you hesitated to get the latest and best software (aka TECOBI) for your car dealership because you are concerned that it’s unfair? Well, stop. Does using software give you an unfair advantage? Maybe! But it’s allowed, so why not do it? At TECOBI, we make your follow-up process more efficient across ALL lead sources. We do this with our software. Let’s talk about software advantages for car dealerships, and specifically, how TECOBI can help you sell more cars, faster.

What is Car Dealer Software? 

Car dealer software is computer products that assist in the operations of car dealerships. At TECOBI, we revolutionized traditional car dealer software. Our proprietary technology is designed to meet the follow-up hurdles that most dealerships face every day. Through our software, we provide a lightning-fast response with text messaging and help you convert leads at a much higher rate. We turn otherwise dead leads into sold cars. 

Plus, the era of digital retail has arrived for car dealers. If you want to beat not just the local competition, but digital car retailers like CarGurus, Carvana, and Vroom, you need the best car dealer software: TECOBI.

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Does Using Software Give You an Unfair Advantage?

The car buying process stinks. If you want to improve it, you need our software. If you want to prep your dealership for the future of auto retail, then you need to use software. But you don’t want to use one of those dumb CRMs that are just a time suck for sales teams. No. Don’t get a basic car software. You need TECOBI. TECOBI is your partner that helps give you an unfair advantage over all the competing dealerships in your market.

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Software Advantages for Car Dealerships 

TECOBI’s software allows you to automate the mundane tasks of selling cars and frees up your sales team to do what they do best: close car deals. Software is not about replacing humans with robotis. It’s about building robots that make humans more efficient. 

Engage With More Customers

We help you connect with new customers instantly. You can text message new leads with just the click of a button. 

Set More Appointments

When we’ve got a hot lead, we tee it off to you. That’s how we drive more traffic to your dealership and help you set more appointments. All your team has to do is close the deal.

Sell More Vehicles

At the end of the day, our software helps you sell more vehicles.

Can Software Help Your Sales?

What is your current sales process? Don’t tell me your sales team is still cold-calling customers. Or, maybe you are using a CRM that slows down your team and means they just sit in front of a computer all day. Yikes. Software can help your sales by helping your sales team do their jobs more efficiently. 

Helps Your Sales Team

Salesmen love TECOBI. Great software doesn’t replace your sales team. It makes them work better. In fact, TECOBI can even help you retain a better sales team. Salesmen get to do what they love with TECOBI and sell vehicles, rather than click around aimlessly in a CRM all day and make phone calls. 

Give Clients a Good Experience

Most car buyers still hate the car buying experience. TECOBI benefits both drivers and dealerships.

No Leads Slip Through the Cracks 

All too often, leads slip through the cracks at car dealerships. That will never happen with TECOBI. We help you follow up with leads for as long as it takes for them to buy a car, whether it’s 30 days, 60 days, 90 days, or even a year. So many dealerships are losing out on sales because they give up on leads too quickly. Don’t let that be you.

Easy to Use

Unlike a lot of those confusing CRMs, TECOBI is easy to use. There is no huge learning curve. 

Work With a Winning Team

Think of TECOBI as your teammates behind the scenes. Our Text Ninjas can get your hot leads and hand them off to you to close the deal. 

Constantly Updating

At TECOBI, we are constantly updating our software and what we offer to meet the needs of our client dealerships. When we think we have a way we can help you sell more cars, whether that’s offering direct mail services or making an adjustment to our software, we do it. 

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TECOBI is the Best Software for Sellers

TECOBI is so good at helping you sell cars that it will feel like an unfair advantage, but it’s not. We allow you to use automation for some tasks, without losing the human touch that is so important for selling cars. Don’t waste your budget on dumb software or even worse, CRMs. TECOBI’s software is better than the other CRMs. Just listen to all of our happy client dealerships who love using TECOBI. 

Our TECOBI software includes: 

  • Inventory 
  • DMs
  • Unlimited Users
  • Calendar 
  • Video Conference 
  • Credit Application
  • Unlimited Calls & SMS 
  • Unlimited Leads Added
  • Pause Messages
  • Mass Follow-Up 
  • Surveys 
  • Gifs 
  • And more.

We have a variety of plans available at different price points, so you can choose the right software plan for your dealership. You also have the option of using our Text Ninjas to help you with all the new leads your dealership will be getting.  Schedule your TECOBI demo today to start selling more cars and get what feels like an unfair advantage, but isn’t.

It’s the Perfect Time to Invest in Car Dealer Software

I don’t want to scare you, but the demand for cars is cooling. Now is the perfect time to invest in software for your auto dealership. The bubble of the car shortage is going to burst, and you’re going to be stuck without any leads if you don’t have great software.

Get TECOBI to Give Your Dealership an Unfair Advantage

It’s time to take control and get an unfair advantage for your dealership with TECOBI. There are several software advantages for car dealerships. The other dealerships in your area will wonder how you’re selling so many vehicles. TECOBI began as a social media and SMS marketing agency, but we are so much more. Call us today to get in the fast lane!

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