How to Use Texting to Get Your Customers Engaged Leading Up to a Sale

I know some of you are skeptical about using text messages to sell cars. You think you can’t be a salesman over text message and you can’t finalize a car deal over text. And you know what? You’re right. However, text messaging is an extremely effective and useful tool to engage with your customers and find out where they are in their car-buying journey. You can be an order-taker over text message, you can gather information over text message, but you cannot be a salesperson over text message. You have to make phone calls, too. But not cold calls, like in the past

TECOBI’s unique and proprietary software is the best way to use a combination of texting and calling to engage with your customers leading up to a sale. Let’s discuss exactly how to use text to get your customers engaged leading up to a sale.

How to Use Texting to Get Your Customers Engaged Leading Up to a Sale

The texting phase helps warm up your lead before you take the next step and call them up. On that phone call, you get to do what you do best and use those honed car salesman skills to push the customer further through the sales funnel. Then, once you’re off the phone, you can text them again and gather any additional information you need.

I have an exact process for how to use text messaging to engage your customers leading up to a sale. I call it TCT: 

  • Text
  • Call
  • Text.

This is the way to use texting to sell cars. Let’s break it down further:

texting customers

Step 1: Text

The first step is to text with your customers to find the customers who are ready to talk to you right now. If you are a TECOBI client, it is easy to send a blast to all of the customers in your working pipeline. The responses you receive to that blast help you determine who is ready for the next phase of TCT: a phone call. This conversation is like a ping-pong process. This is a customer who is actually interested and ready to purchase a car, not waiting for their lease to expire in six months. 

Step 2: Call

This phone call step allows you to use automation without losing the human touch. Use the phone call to figure out their situation, figure out what their hot buttons are, build a relationship with the customer, and then sell them on the relationship. You can let the sale happen on the phone. The phone call allows you to use all those salesman skills you have. Once the customer is engaged, you can go back to texting to gather more information. 

Step 3: Text

After the phone call, you go back to texting to gather additional information and finalize the details. You can use texting to get their driver’s license, pay stub, all the nitty-gritty you need to sell them a car. Or, you can use it as a gentle nudge to follow up with the customer after your phone call and check in periodically. It’s an effective, but less pushy way of retaining that important contact with your customer, especially after you have already developed that important relationship over the phone.

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Don’t Be Afraid of Texting Customers

At TECOBI, we aren’t using text just to text. It’s the tool we use to filter out the insane amount of leads we obtain for your dealership. 

The phone call step is still important. On a phone call, you can hear the person’s voice on the other end of the call and still be a salesperson. And I promise you, you want to remain a salesperson. Because if you don’t, the robots will replace you eventually. Because if sales can happen over text, what do we need you for? Then I don’t need you. I’ll just build a robot. 

You have to keep that person-to-person interaction. That’s what makes us valuable as salespeople. That’s what robots cannot replace, is our ability to communicate and build relationships with other humans. The power of relationship selling is, well, powerful

TECOBI doesn’t take the place of car salesmen. It simply makes it easier and faster for them to do their jobs and sell more cars, without all the BS.

Why SMS Engagement Works

Texting customers to start the relationship is key. It ensures that you don’t waste time calling individual customers all day trying to find out if they are ready to buy a car. Texting customers allows you to find out who is ready for that phone call, so you don’t waste your time or theirs. Plus, it’s 2022. Customers prefer a text to a phone call from a stranger who they have never interacted with before in their lives. Most Americans don’t answer phone calls from unknown numbers. Leads are much more likely to answer the phone when they have already engaged with you via text message. 

Let’s break down some statistics about how effective SMS engagement is:

With TECOBI, you can use text message for everything from the initial contact with the lead, to follow up with leads over time (until they buy or they die), to set up an appointment to come into the dealership for an in-person meeting, or even to obtain important information like a driver’s license or a credit report. Your leads can do all this from the comfort of home or their desks at work, without hardly any effort. Texting makes it easier for both you and your clients to complete the car-buying process

Engage Your Customers with TECOBI

TECOBI’s custom proprietary software is the best way to combine texting and calling to engage with your customers leading up to a sale. We still allow your sales team to do their job and ultimately get the sale. We just help you get to that finish line. Learn more about TECOBI and set up a demo today to sell more cars, faster.

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