Tips for Generating More Online Auto Leads

If you were Googling “tips for generating more online auto leads” and happened upon this article on our blog, first of all, welcome. Second, chances are your dealership needs TECOBI. Luckily, at TECOBI, we specialize in generating more online auto leads for our clients. We create thousands of online auto leads for our client dealerships across the country every day. How do we do it? Using Facebook and Instagram ads and our patented TECOBI software. In this blog post, we’ll share some tips for generating more online auto leads and tell you more about how TECOBI can help your dealership get more leads online.  

Lead Generation Has Changed

Everything about selling cars has changed. Between the advent of the internet, the COVID-19 pandemic, and other changes that have affected the automotive industry, it’s time to rethink the way car dealerships do business. That process starts with how you generate more online auto leads. These days, car buyers spend 61% of their time researching vehicles online. So, where should you be getting your auto leads? Online! Unfortunately, many auto dealerships are stuck in the old way of doing things. But if nothing changes, nothing changes. 

Some disreputable auto marketing agencies might tell you that the answer to get more online auto leads in 2021 is to buy a list of auto leads (don’t) or use a Facebook event company (definitely don’t.) At TECOBI, we are more than just a flash in the pan solution. We can help you achieve long-term success for your dealership. 

Take our client, Seguin Chevrolet, who has been partnering with us since late 2018. Since that time, we have converted Facebook leads into sold cars at an astonishing rate. They are selling a car for every 27 leads! And they’re not the only ones. Other dealerships who choose to work with us at TECOBI are consistently seeing success. We are the key to generating more online leads for auto dealerships in 2021. 

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How to Get More Online Auto Leads

In the past, when you wanted to get more auto leads, maybe you turned to more traditional methods of lead generation, like print ads or billboards. We hate to break it to you, but if you’re still using these lead gen strategies, you’re as antiquated as a dinosaur. The days of cold calling leads are history as well.

In order to succeed in the auto industry and get more leads in 2021, you need to adapt. Adaptation is key to survival, particularly in the car sales industry. Lead generation has changed, particularly in the car-buying world. Customers have gained more and more control over the process. It’s time to take back the lead when it comes to lead generation for your dealership. The way you succeed in lead generation in the modern automotive industry is by switching from an outbound model to a personalized, inbound model. And that’s what we’ve done at TECOBI. 

Many dealership owners tremble when they first hear the words “Instagram ads” or “Facebook ads.” But you have nothing to worry about. At TECOBI, we create the ads showcasing your best inventory, sales, and specials, and post them for you. Then, we even talk to the leads until they’re ready to come into the dealership.

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Drive Car Sales Leads from the Internet to Your Dealership with TECOBI

We could spend the rest of this article giving you tips for how to find more auto leads for your dealership. Or, when you partner with TECOBI, we generate the online auto leads for you. This means you can focus on what your dealership does best: selling cars. No more wasted time trying to come up with fresh ways for generating more leads online for your dealership. 

Social Media Ads

But how do we do it? The key to TECOBI’s lead generation success is social media. We use Facebook and Instagram to capture massive amounts of auto leads. We cast a wide net with our ads to capture potential customers for your dealership at every part of the sales funnel. Some people might have just been browsing online and weren’t looking for a new car but are enticed by your ads. Others might have already been in the market for a new vehicle, and now they’re ready to buy from your dealership rather than your direct competition down the street. 

Facebook Ads and Instagram Ads

Facebook and Instagram ads are key to obtaining auto leads online. At TECOBI, we have spent more than $35 million in ads on Facebook and Instagram. We have the experience and data necessary to understand conversion patterns and how to create social media ads for auto dealerships that convert. 

In just one month, one of TECOBI’s clients, Covert Buick GMC, got 334 leads and ended up selling 30 cars. And that’s just one of our clients! How does that compare to the numbers your dealership is currently putting up? I’m guessing it’s a lot more. 

How TECOBI Works

The best part about TECOBI is that we don’t just generate more online leads for your dealership. We also follow up with those leads for you. Our team of Text Ninjas follows up with the leads we capture for you right away and regularly, until they’re ready to come into the dealership and buy a vehicle. Then, we hand over all the details of our conversation with the potential client and your sales team closes the deal and hands over the keys. 

Don’t waste your sales teams’ time on CRMs any longer. Instead, partner with TECOBI. We help car dealerships sell more cars faster, and we have the data to prove it. If you want to 10x your ROI, contact us at TECOBI today. We are dedicated to your success. 

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Car Dealership Lead Generation at TECOBI

 The future of car dealership lead generation is already here, and it’s TECOBI. TECOBI’s system works. We not only generate your online auto leads, but we help set the appointments for you. Then, all you have to do is sell the cars.


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How do we do it? We show the best inventory and your latest specials to the people near your dealership. We drive them from Facebook and Instagram, straight into your dealership and into their new vehicle. We are the dealership marketing proof that you don’t need to lie to sell cars on Facebook. So don’t do it! Instead, trust the automotive marketing experts at TECOBI. We’ll help you sell cars and retain the trust of your market and your customers.

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