With the volume of leads coming into dealerships these days, it’s near impossible with a traditional CRM to follow up with leads long term. Most dealers put leads past the 7 day mark into a long term email follow up. Are we throwing away perfectly good opportunities?

Customers are out shopping online for their next vehicle earlier than ever. Some customers start the process 6-12 months before they are ready to purchase a vehicle. How many times have you heard a customer say; “I’m just looking”?

Customers are using tools like KBB ICO to get a quote on their vehicle. Unknowingly, the customer’s information is then sold to automotive dealerships in their area. Meanwhile they are given a value on their vehicle and realize they have too much negative equity to trade-in their vehicle at the current time. The dealership calls the customer and the customer tells them “I’m just looking”.

A strong sales person might be able to push the customer down the funnel using a strong sales pitch, but many of these customers are simply not ready to purchase. They are just now beginning their journey and it’s going to take a little time for them to make the move. Your CRM has a waste basket for these types of leads, it’s called Extended Follow Up, or your team simply marks the lead as dead.

Email was an effective way of staying in front of customers that are higher up the funnel. Unfortunately, email open rates have steadily been dropping over the years. Most customers have thousands, if not tens, or hundereds of thousands of unread emails. With email rates dropping below 20% it is getting more difficult to use email as a reliable form of mass follow up.

Studies show that text message open rates are far superior to email open rates. With text message estimated to have a 90%+ open rate, you are sure that the higher funnel opportunities will get your follow up messages.

Text message is a much more personal form of communication. Most consumers assume that a live person sent the text message and don’t expect it to be sent by a robot or in mass. This makes the communication feel more personal and generates a higher response rate. Our internal statistics show that over 70% of customers reply to text messages that are sent.

With a higher open rate and a more personal touch, you can use automation to follow up with leads for a much longer period of time. Our clients never throw opportunities in the trash. They follow up forever. The customer doesn’t know its an automated follow up and the dealership can follow up in mass.

At TECOBI we believe no opportunity should be marked as dead. Every customer should be followed up with equally and our software helps dealerships accomplish this task with very little manpower. Using our software, dealerships can reduce manpower resources required for lead follow up, by 50% or more.

Work hard…..but don’t forget to work SMART! Text message follow up, done right, can help you do that. Click the Text Us button for a free demonstration of how we can help your dealership stop throwing opportunities in the trash.

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