Just as it seems everything else in the world is changing, so is lead generation in the automotive industry. The changes of 2020 and the pandemic brought a plethora of changes to the auto industry and the way we sell cars. In this article, we will discuss the future of auto lead generation so you can create your 2021 auto marketing plan. While it may seem easier to stick with your tried-and-true marketing methods, if you want to get ahead of your competition, you need to stay on top of the latest trends in lead generation. After all, adaptation is the key to survival. So read on to learn the latest trends in lead generation and all about the future of lead generation.

lead generation trends 2020

Lead Generation Trends 2020 

Let’s discuss some of the major lead generation trends to come out of the trash year that was 2020. (Yes, we said it.) 2020 and COVID-19 changed the way business is done in every industry, but the automotive industry was affected perhaps the most of all. That’s because in a world that has gone digital, the majority of car sales happen in person, at a dealership. (After all, you can’t just order a new vehicle on Amazon Prime and have it delivered to your house. Yet.)

However, though most of those sales are finalized at a dealership, most car buyers start their search online. There are ways you can take your sales talents to your smartphone and social media to cultivate your leads and ultimately, makes your sales. 

So, you need to consider these trends as you consider how you will be finding leads this year. These trends not only help you find leads, but they improve the quality of the leads you do receive.

More Personalized Outreach 

Though we complain about our technology seemingly knowing everything about us, these days, consumers tend to expect it. Your leads will appreciate a personalized approach, particularly since they will be spending so much money at your dealership (hopefully.) Creating a personalized outreach plan for each lead might seem daunting. If you have a serious lead, take the time to learn a bit about them. 

The benefit of technology is that you have the ability to do that research quickly and easily. For example, utilizing the lead’s name in a text or email is much more personal. Or, noting which vehicle model and color it was that they were interested in when they browsed online or visited your dealership previously. Personalizing your approach in a way that makes the auto buyer feel special might make all the difference into converting that lead into a sale.

Automation is King 

Forget content: the real king in 2021 is automation. The marketing automation industry is growing quickly. More and more tasks, including relating to the future of lead generation, are capable of being automated each and every day. The key to automation is knowing which parts of the sales funnel can be automated for your business – and which are better off being performed by a real person. 

For example, many of the early parts of the lead generation process can be done automatically. Finding and narrowing down leads is one task that can now be handled by robots. However, no chatbot will ever be able to ultimately build trust with a potential client the same way a real salesperson can. 

Another way marketing automation can help you is by remarketing to and nurturing your leads. It allows you to follow up with several leads at once – with just the click of a button. You can send a gentle yet firm follow-up email or text to your potential car buyer. 

That’s where TECOBI comes in. We can generate your leads and set your appointments for you. All you need to do is close the sale.

Social Media Advertising

As we talked about earlier, the majority of car buyers in this day and age are starting their research online. So, you need to meet them there. Social media advertising is key to lead generation in 2021. 

TECOBI generates social media ads that are proven effective at converting leads into customers. How do we do it? We display the best, most compelling inventory and deals and show it to the target audience close to your dealership. The days of generic, old-school TV commercials are gone. Your potential buyer is probably scrolling through Facebook and not paying attention to the television, anyway. A social media ad is the way to get them off the couch and into your dealership. Plus, Facebook is a great platform on which to begin a conversation with potential buyers! 

Still not sure if advertising on social media is worth it for you? One dealership sold 10 cars with only $860 worth of Facebook advertising.  We’d say that’s a pretty solid return on their investment. How many cars can you sell with less than $1,000 of Facebook ads?

social media advertising car sales

Text Messaging

In 2021, there is no better way to connect with your leads than text messaging. Who doesn’t love texting? It’s low-pressure and can be done from anywhere. Let’s be honest: no one likes phone calls these days. Don’t interrupt your lead’s workday or relaxing dinner accidentally with a phone call. Whether they realize it consciously or not, you might turn them off or annoy them. Text messaging, on the other hand, applies less pressure to your lead, but also is more likely to be seen than an email.  Almost everyone reads all their texts that come through. Texts are also short and sweet. That being said, much of the sales conversation can happen over text.

 The bottom line? Text messaging helps auto dealers sell more cars, faster. TECOBI’s hybrid intelligence system lets you seamlessly jump in and out of texts with your leads.

What is the Future of Lead Generation? 

The future of lead generation is already here, and it’s TECOBI. Think of the new year as a new opportunity to try out some new lead generation tactics for your dealership. If you need help finding and even nurturing leads for your dealership, we can help. Don’t just take our word for it. See what some of our clients have to say.

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