The Demand for Cars is Cooling and Dealerships Need to Act Now

Just as the summer months are cooling down into fall, the hot car market is cooling down, too. This means it’s time for dealerships to act if you want to keep your sales and profits high through the rest of 2022. All those leads that have walked, texted, or called your dealerships are about to dry up. There has never been a better time to invest in an automotive marketing solution like TECOBI. We not only accrue thousands of leads for your dealership, but we help you follow up with those leads — forever. When other dealerships hit the brakes and start slowing down as demand slows and inventory speeds up, your dealership will still be raking in leads with the help of TECOBI.

Car Sales Are Cooling Down 

As far as making money goes, the last year and a half has been amazing for many dealerships as demand was high and inventory was low. Many dealerships have made a lot of money selling cars for MSRP, or even higher in many cases. There has been a lot of gross profit.

Due to the high demand for vehicles over the last year or so, many dealerships took drastic steps like pausing advertising campaigns and slowing down with marketing. After all, why spend money on leads when you have low inventory and high demand?

But what goes up must come down. After a scorching hot summer when car buyers were paying well over MSRP and vehicles were selling at an unprecedented rate, car sales are finally showing signs of cooling down. According to a Cox Automotive forecast,  in July light new-vehicle sales are expected to fall 13.4% from July 2021 and fall 2.1% next month. 

Just like when a hot air front and a cool air front collide, a storm is coming for the auto industry. Right now is a transitional period, and it’s time to prepare for the future of the auto industry.  It’s not always going to be super easy to sell cars like it has been the last few months. The cost to achieve customers is going to go up. Dealerships need to prepare now and be on their game.

Is your dealership ready to start bringing in more leads? Then, you need TECOBI.

We are Constantly Innovating

There is a reason why TECOBI thrives in any economy and despite any circumstances. We are constantly pivoting to meet the needs of our clients. During the COVID-19 pandemic, when customers couldn’t come to the dealership, we developed video conferencing so sales teams could show cars to clients over the phone.

Now that TikTok is becoming more popular, we have been exploring ways to generate leads on TikTok for our clients. We are constantly updating our software and what we offer to help our client dealerships sell more vehicles and put more dreams in driveways.

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The Importance of Car Sales Marketing 

There has never been a better time to prepare your auto dealership for the future. TECOBI combines texting, phone calls, easy-to-use software, the power of our Text Ninjas, and your own sales team to help you sell more vehicles, faster — no matter the state of inflation or chip shortages or whatever else is going on in the auto industry.

Whatever comes next, your dealership will be ready if you have TECOBI.

Dealerships Need to Act Now 

Do you want to wait for leads to dry up and your lot to fill up with cars before you realize you don’t have a marketing plan in place? TECOBI helps you obtain more leads for your dealership, and follow up with those leads — forever. These are just a few of the ways we can help your dealership increase leads once demand starts to drop: 

Direct Mail

Have you considered direct mail to help your dealership? TECOBI now offers direct mail marketing for our client dealerships. It’s an easy way to get leads and follow up. All you have to do is import your direct mail file into our software, or choose from one of our own direct mail campaigns. Once your file is imported, we will generate a phone number and PIN codes that can be texted in by customers to inquire about the offer in your mail piece. We offer fully integrated campaigns from start to finish, mailing services, personalization to increase response rates, and software to organize and respond to customers. 

Facebook and Instagram Ads

At TECOBI, we know how to create Facebook and Instagram ads for car dealerships that really work. We have more than $30 million in ad spend and an arsenal of data to understand conversion patterns. Our team generates ads for your dealership that convert. We show the most compelling inventory and latest vehicle specials to people near your dealership. 

Lead Follow-Up Software

The secret to TECOBI is that we make your follow-up process more efficient across ALL lead sources. Whether it’s a direct mailer or a Facebook ad, all your leads go to one place and are placed appropriately in the sales funnel. Our Text Ninjas will be ready and waiting to respond to any of your leads, and toss them to your dealership as soon as they are ready to come in and buy a car.

The other secret to our lead follow-up software? It gives you the ability to follow up with leads forever — until they buy or they die. We are always worried about pressuring leads to buy a car right away. All too often, salesmen give up on leads too soon or pressure them and scare them off. That won’t happen with TECOBI.

The Time to Act is Now! 

The time to shift gears is now. Just like you don’t want to go hide in your basement *after* a storm has already passed, don’t wait until your sales team has no new leads to talk to to start investing in a new automotive marketing strategy.

Right now is the ideal time to schedule a demo and invest in TECOBI for your dealership. Between our direct mail, our software, and our lead follow-up, we are the best automotive marketing solution in the industry.

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