Text Message is the most commonly used form of communication between us. Anyone with a cell phone can send and receive Text Messages. The automotive industry needs to start taking text message seriously when communicating with customers.

Let’s tackle chat first. Chat is an amazing tool to capture customers browsing your website. The biggest problem is the fact customers need to stay on your website to continue communicating with you. Often you end up with a ghost lead and have no contact information to reach out to the customer. Even if you do get contact information, you are stuck trying to call or email the customer. These days, no one picks up the phone or checks their emails.

Next is Email, Text Message is far superior to email in all aspects. It’s just a simple fact that a higher percentage of Text Messages get read and responded to than emails. Here is an article by CallHub highlighting some of the many reasons Text Message is far superior to email. Read Article Here Let’s face it. Email is slowly dying. With more and more spam hitting the inbox, it’s becoming less likely your email will get opened.

Finally comes Phone Calls, Ohhh the millennials. They just don’t like answering phones these days. Ever tried to call your kids only to be forced to text them? It doesn’t matter how many leads you generate if you have to call them. You will make 10 calls and you’re lucky if you get even one of them to answer the phone. We all know people would rather use text communication first before speaking on the phone with someone. Phone calls still have their place, it’s just easier to warm people up to the phone call with Text Message first!

Here at TECOBI, we take Text Message seriously! It’s not an after-thought product we just added on to our core product. It is our core product. We have built Artificial Intelligence and sales processes to make the management and follow up of Text Message leads a breeze. With a 180 day follow up on leads you are able to stay in contact with the customer until they Buy or Die!

Text Message is simply the best form of communication in today’s world. Let’s Power Up your website and start taking Text Message seriously. You can try our widget from this page. It’s the Power Button located bottom right of the page and says Text Us. Give it a try. This can be added to any automotive website to start generating Opt-In Text Message leads today!

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[…] days, many people are more comfortable with texting than they are with phone calls or even emails. At TECOBI, our Text Ninjas use artificial intelligence to talk to thousands of […]