Why TECOBI’s System Works

At TECOBI, we have thousands of clients across the country. We spend millions of dollars on Facebook ads. And we help our clients sell more cars. Some of our clients see a 30x ROI on their ads. But how do we do it? Why does TECOBI’s system work?

TECOBI works because our system is a quick, three-step process. We generate Facebook auto leads, our Text Ninjas follow up with those leads, and then we hand those leads over to you to close the deal. Our system allows your salespeople to do what they do best: close sales and sell more cars.

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Step 1: Facebook Auto Leads

The first step of the TECOBI system is Facebook auto leads. We already know that Facebook ads work to generate leads for car dealerships.

But, most advertisers in the auto business use website click ads. They create an ad, and then the lead has to go to your website, fill out a form, and submit their information. That technique has a very high bounce rate.

Our system is much easier. We use Facebook lead gen ads, which capture a customer’s information directly through their platform. When a lead clicks “Get Offer” on the ad, the form is pre-populated with their information from their Facebook page. They don’t have to waste time filling out a form with all their details. It’s already done for them.

Once the lead clicks “next” on the pre-populated form, they will see a disclaimer form that allows them to opt-in for text messages. Now, you have a lead: someone who clicked the ad, submitted the form, and is ready for a text message.

Step 2: Text Ninjas

Now, how do you convert all these massive amounts of leads you are getting from Facebook ads? Because trust us, it will be massive. And the last thing you want is to overwhelm your staff. It’s tedious to follow up with individual leads one at a time. And forget cold-calling leads.

The answer is TECOBI’s team of Text Ninjas. Rather than frustrate your own team and bog down their workload, we do the hard work for you. We follow up with the Facebook leads we generate with a text message and engage them in conversation. Text messaging is the answer because it helps you sell more cars faster.

TECOBI is all about teamwork. Our Text Ninjas are like B2C people, but better. (Let’s be real: most B2C people hired by dealerships don’t know much about selling cars. Our Text Ninjas do.)

Text Ninjas do the busywork for you by continuously reaching out to the leads obtained from Facebook. They obtain information, get credit applications, ask about potential trade-ins, and get all the details your salespeople will need in order to close the deal. Once we have a customer who is ready to make a deal, we hand them off to your closer, along with the text conversation. Our team of Text Ninjas works side-by-side with your team, making your life and theirs easier.

With TECOBI, there is no more chasing down leads constantly. We do that for you. For example, one of our dealership clients currently has about 1,000 leads in their working pipeline. Imagine trying to have your sales team follow up with a thousand people, one by one. We handle it for you.

The best part about TECOBI is that your customers don’t even know we exist. They think they are communicating with the dealership the entire time.

Our ultimate goal is to let your closers do what they do best: talk on the phone and make in-person appointments. With TECOBI, all your closers have to do is talk to leads who are already ready to move on to the next stage of the car-buying process, and set up an in-person appointment to sell a car to the lead.

Step 3: Auto Sales Apps

Finally, we use our software to share the details of the text message conversation with your closer so they can make the phone call, set the appointment, and hopefully, sell a car.

Our auto sales app tracks everything. We can tell you how many leads were generated from our ads, how many appointments were set, how many people showed up, and how many bought a car.

Our software has a lot of other cool features, too. You can see which members of your sales team are on the phone, and you can even jump in on the call and guide your salespeople, if necessary. TECOBI helps you hold your sales team accountable for sales calls.

TECOBI also allows you to follow up on leads for an infinite amount of time. We can stay in contact with leads more than a year after they click on their ads. Rather than dropping a lead after a few days because they aren’t ready and your sales team doesn’t have the bandwidth to stay in constant contact with them, we gently nudge leads over time. When they’re ready to buy a car, we’re still talking to them.

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tecobi csu auto sales leads

At TECOBI, we don’t care about reach, clicks, and impressions. We care about how many cars you sell. We built a more efficient way of processing leads by combining teamwork and text messaging to quickly process a large amount of leads. 

If you run an auto dealership, stop yelling at your sales team to do their follow-up. Have TECOBI do the follow-up for you. We’ll provide you with a steady stream of leads who are ready to talk to your closers. 

Look out at your sales team right now. What percentage of their day are they spending talking on the phone with customers? Probably not enough. With TECOBI, we bring you leads who are ready to buy a car. All your team has to do is close the deal.

Try TECOBI For Your Dealership Today

TECOBI’s system works. No one in the car business does the numbers TECOBI does. Take the busywork out of selling cars with TECOBI today. Don’t be an auto dealership that fails. We help you sell more cars, faster.

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How do we do it? We show the best inventory and your latest specials to the people near your dealership. We drive them from Facebook and Instagram, straight into your dealership and into their new vehicle. We are the dealership marketing proof that you don’t need to lie to sell cars on Facebook. So don’t do it! Instead, trust the automotive marketing experts at TECOBI. We’ll help you sell cars and retain the trust of your market and your customers.

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