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Have you ever jumped into a relationship, feet first, only to discover that two weeks later that person is repulsed by your heightened level of commitment? Maybe you scared them off by suffocating them with your time and communication.

No, just us? Well, it happens – we promise.

The digital age has left marketers in an interesting space. Take up too much of a person’s time and you’ll likely find yourself on the wrong end of an Unsubscribe or Do Not Call request. If you try to play it cool and give your leads some space, you may end up unknowingly pushing them into the arms of a competitor.

Building the right kind of relationship with your valuable leads is the key to long-term success. The question, naturally, is how is this done?

In a perfect world, a balanced diet of emails, phone calls and text messages would woo leads into your open arms. Like most relationships though, perhaps it’s best to start slow, unobtrusive.

Text messages are the fastest and cheapest way to interact with your pool of leads, averaging $0.01 to $0.05 per text (unlimited and included with TECOBI Packages). Not only that but SMS has, by far, the best open and response rates. Compared to email, SMS averages a 98 percent open rate, while email averages 20 percent.

SMS averages a 98 percent open rate, while email averages 20 percent.

Response rates tell the same story, with SMS averaging a 45 percent response rate as compared to six percent on the email side.

Pair that with our knowledge that the average person has an attention span of eight seconds, which makes phone calls tricky. Leads can respond to a text discreetly in a matter of seconds. Answering a phone call on the other hand creates disruption and, let’s be honest, can be down-right annoying.

That doesn’t mean there’s no place in the marketing world for phone calls. Once you have built rapport with those leads, phone calls make a good deal of sense to help push that relationship to the next level. However, calling too often or showing yourself as the dreaded “SPAM RISK” on someone’s Caller ID can put you dangerously close to communication purgatory.

Of course, when you are running ad campaigns that net you hundreds, sometimes thousands, of leads a month, how are you supposed to manage? Pick the ones that show you the most interest and move forward, leaving a multitude to fall by the wayside?

With TECOBI, there’s no reason to neglect a lead that ignores your initial interaction. We have the ability to keep up with any volume of leads over an extended period of time through the use of hybrid intelligence and text messaging. We have enough love to go around.

Our approach offers a combination of automation and human intelligence that helps build relationships and sell more cars. We provide enough automation to simplify processes and enough human contact to build rapport and solve more complex problems.

We want to help you take your connections with your leads to the next level. Through text messaging and consistent follow up, whether it’s in-the-moment or nine months down the road, we provide a “Done For You” solution that caters to your needs.

We can help turn your next lead into your next committed relationship.

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Hugo Perez

Always giving great advice 👍🏻

T.j. Maue

I always text and email, wait about and hr then call if I do not get a response.

Jeff French

Love this

Aj Valenzuela

Your company’s breakdowns are awesome!, I need to show your videos to my Gm

Birdjan Haben

Jason, I had the Opportunity to work along side Tecobi at a dealership in surprise, AZ at a Honda store. When I first heard of your vendor I was intrigued. Your strategy made perfect sense. Who opens Their emails let’s be honest no one. But I can tell you for certain but everyone’s got their phones strapped to the side of them, and like you said who’s not going to open a text msg that is directly in front of them. Unfortunately I did not believe in the work ethic of that store. The GM of the store was not willing to work the system like you wanted it to be worked, which led us to cancel your services. I was bummed because at the time I was head of the internet department and again thought this was the coolest thing to come to me. I left that place for a reason, there was no training an old dog new tricks with this GM. He was stuck in his 90’s ways which does not work in today’s Society. We learn to adapt and that’s what you did. Fast forward two years, to present time. To this day most of my outbound’s are text. Guess what I have the most success in as far as email phone and texting goes. Texting. Night and day difference. The dealership I work at in Mankato MN does not have Tecobi, I wish it did, I really do. But what Jason and his crew have taught me has so far made me more money, more sales. No kidding either. It truly is awesome. I could ramble on forever. But someday I want to work for this man.

Ramae Allen

I sure do wish more GM’s would get with the program and join me here in the NOW!!!!
Too many are stuck in the eighties way of selling cars!!!

Michael Oliver

Text is the best around here for us. It’s all about the wording on the text to engage the customer. We call them but a lot of customers won’t answer us.

Last edited 7 months ago by Michael Oliver
Eddie Martinez

Great stuff!

Richard Ordaz

Can you send a video in your text?

Ramae Allen

SO I have been texting a guy about a 2021 Tundra for about 2 months now.. I have been following up with him a few time a week… HE CAME IN TODAY AND PURCHASED HIS DREAM TRUCK 🙂 Texting and Social Media!

Ali Gonzalez

You guys make the text follow up process a breeze!!

Tony Hoffa

I always text first. Every customer. No matter what . Followed by a call. And then text later that day

Ramae Allen

I used to do “email blast” But I have back off from that… I noticed it created more of a “opt out” situation! Facebook and text messaging is hands down the New way to set appointments, get customers the info they are looking for, and SALE MORE CARS!!!

Ramae Allen

Wondering if Tecobi offer services for individual sales people?