Are CRMs a Waste of a Salesman’s Time?

If you’re still using a CRM, it’s time to get with the times and switch to TECOBI. Here’s the bottom line: you don’t need a CRM to succeed in selling cars in 2021. Stop wasting your salespeople’s time with CRMs they don’t even want to use. When you use TECOBI instead of a CRM, we do all the hard work for you. We run your ads and nurture your leads. And once we have a solid lead for you, we pass it on to your dealership. That means your salespeople get to do what they do best: sell cars. (Not mess around on a CRM all day.)

CRM for Auto Sales

A CRM, or Customer Relationship Manager, used to be a great tool for auto businesses that were trying to nurture leads from the internet. CRMs for auto sales did gain a lot of popularity in the 2010s, but now it’s 2021 – time for the future. 

At the end of the day, car salesmen are just that: salesmen. Don’t waste your time training them and helping them feel comfortable using a boring tool. They are not tech people who want to sit around on a computer all day. Your sales team wants to sell cars, plain and simple. So let them do what they do best: close deals. 

Plus, a CRM is merely a tool. It’s a piece of software. A CRM treats every dealership the exact same, when in reality, we know that every dealership is different. At TECOBI, we do have a cool tool that we use to help you sell more cars faster. But we also are staffed with real people, who are helping you in real time. You can think of them as an extension of your own team. Those people are our TECOBI Text Ninjas.

sales agents using tecobi crm

You Don’t Need a CRM

We’ll say it again: you don’t need a CRM to sell cars anymore. Customer Relationship Managers are a way of the past for the auto industry. The future is TECOBI. We run social media ads for you, capture leads, follow up with and nurture those leads until they’re ready to buy a vehicle, then hand them over to your dealership to lock them in and close the deal. We are a full-service company that specializes in helping dealerships like yours sell more cars, without the hassle of a CRM. Just like cold-calling potential leads, CRMs are in the past when it comes to selling cars. 

sales man showing cars

CRM Alternatives

Now you know that an auto sales CRM is a waste of both your and your salesmen’s time. While a B2C agency or employee is another alternative to a CRM, with TECOBI, you get to harness the power of our entire team at your disposal, instead of just one person. Plus, we know the auto industry. All we do is help dealerships sell more cars. Most B2C people aren’t all that knowledgeable about the automotive industry. At TECOBI, we specialize in helping auto dealerships – and that’s it. 

TECOBI is a much better alternative to a traditional CRM. At TECOBI, we replace between 80 and 90 percent of the work inside a CRM. Why use a CRM when instead, you can use TECOBI and get 10x the return on your investment? TECOBI’s system works

Just ask any of our happy clients, who are selling more cars, SUVs, and trucks than ever thanks to TECOBI.

Why TECOBI is Better Than a CRM

Here is how our system helps you sell more cars than a regular old CRM. Our system is a three-step process. We generate leads for your dealership from Facebook and Instagram ads, our Text Ninjas follow up with those leads, and then we hand those leads over to your sales team to close the deal. Your leads never know that they weren’t interacting with your dealership the whole time. 

Facebook and Instagram Ads

First, we place Facebook and Instagram ads online to capture leads for your dealership. We have spent millions of dollars on social media ads, so we have a huge amount of data to understand conversion patterns and how to create ads that convert customers. We show people near your dealership your best inventory and vehicle specials to drive them from the internet right to your dealership. This strategy helps us harness a huge number of leads. 

Text Ninjas

So, what do we do with all those leads we capture for you? Our proprietary technology allows us to contact hundreds of leads at once. This narrows down the large pool of potential leads we captured from our Facebook and Instagram ads. Rather than your sales team spending their whole day trying to get in touch with leads, let TECOBI’s Text Ninjas do it for you. Texting is a much more effective follow-up strategy than calling. In fact, we have found that texting helps sell more cars faster. Texting is much less invasive, and it’s much easier for leads to send a text message than pick up the phone. Think about it: how many calls do you hit decline on every day?

Close the Deal

Once we have a lead who is ready to come into your dealership for a test drive or to see a car in person, we hand them off to your sales team. All your salesperson has to do is read the text conversation between our Text Ninja and the lead, and pick up where they left off. The salesperson has all the relevant information they need in order to close the deal and sell the car. 

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Skip the CRM and Try TECOBI Today


It’s time to ditch your CRM and try TECOBI instead. See how much easier it is to not have to train your team on lame software, and instead let them spend their days closing car sales. No more time wasted on chasing down leads and spending all day on a computer. We take the busywork and boring software out of selling cars. Contact TECOBI today to see what ROI we can get for you! 


car sales agents gathering

How do we do it? We show the best inventory and your latest specials to the people near your dealership. We drive them from Facebook and Instagram, straight into your dealership and into their new vehicle. We are the dealership marketing proof that you don’t need to lie to sell cars on Facebook. So don’t do it! Instead, trust the automotive marketing experts at TECOBI. We’ll help you sell cars and retain the trust of your market and your customers.

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