Our leadership team and TECOBI® Ninjas work with you to reach your sales goals.

Jason Girdner
Jason has always been at the forefront of connecting auto dealerships with customers. Before car dealers had websites, he was helping them generate leads using an 800 number that could take a credit app over the phone. He followed that up with success in direct mail, auto loans and now the new frontier: Social Media.
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Scarlet Mick
Co-Founder/VP/The Real Boss
As Jason’s partner in business and in life, Scarlet is relied upon to do just about everything but sell and develop software. Her duties at TECOBI include overseeing client services and managing every department in the office– from accounting and billing, to team hiring and training. “Basically, I’m the nurturer. My job is to care for the clients"
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Ryan Flores
When asked to explain the complex contributions he makes to TECOBI, Ryan Flores says it simply, “I built the technology.” Ryan takes pride in the fact that while most of the auto business is stuck in the 90s, TECOBI is state of the art. “From our languages and frameworks to the Google infrastructure, it’s a tech stack that far exceeds the rest.”
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Dan Webb
Partner, Business Development
When Dan Webb met Jason Girdner on Facebook, it was like long lost brothers finding each other. They share a similar drive, intensity and no-nonsense approach. They also have the same passion for helping their clients succeed. “When they make money, we make money,” Dan says. As Jason’s right hand man, Dan oversees all of the clients on a daily basis.
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Colby Joyner
Performance Director
Nobody can sing the praises of TECOBI like a satisfied customer. That was Colby Joyner, Honda dealership sales manager a few years ago. He saw first-hand, the incredible difference TECOBI can make generating leads. A month after he signed TECOBI on at the dealership, Colby wanted to change careers and be part of the team. “Jason said I wasn’t quite ready at the time. Two years later, he hired me.”
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Gabriel Costales
Advertising Director
If there’s one thing Gabe knows, it’s car dealers and dealer advertising. (OK, that’s two.) “My job is to create the vision for what the client needs,” he says. Gabe is a self-taught photoshop whiz who oversees the creation of all the Facebook ads and ad budgets. ”Our team writes and designs the ads bringing the client’s vision to life.” Jason Girdner reveres him as TECOBI’s creative guru.
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Erin Scarbrough
Sr Performance Manager
Erin was one of TECOBI’s first employees. After starting as a text ninja and then managing them, she spear-headed the quality control department and finally landed as a Performance Manager. Taking care of her clients needs and always striving to over deliver are what drives her. “I try to always stay one step ahead,” she says.
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Evan Driscoll
Ninja Director
It’s Evan’s job to keep the Ninjas in line. As director of the Business Development Center, he manages the team of texters, — called Ninjas — who receive and respond text message leads. — up to 300 every hour. Evan is up to the challenge. Before TECOBI, he was a Honda salesperson, a corporate trainer and a sales manager. And before that, Evan was a police officer.
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Shannon Kaufman
Ad Specialist
Shannon has been part of our TECOBI team for over a year and specializes in creating and maintaining ads for our clients. Her organization skills and positive attitude help keep the workflow smooth and fun. “I absolutely LOVE our team and what we represent - helping others succeed!”