In the old days, the landlines at your dealership were probably ringing off the hook with people calling you to inquire about buying a car. Or, your sales team was picking up the phone to make cold calls to lists of potential leads. But, these days, your phones are silent. And more and more customers are submitting leads online instead of calling you at the dealership directly. But why do customers submit leads online instead of calling you? And how can you capitalize on these online leads? The best way to get more leads submitted online — and follow up with them easily — is with TECOBI. We know how to create ads that convert into leads. And, we have the lead follow-up process to narrow down those leads for you and turn them into sold cars. If you want to prepare your dealership for the future of auto retail, forget about phone calls and invest in TECOBI instead. We are the future of automotive marketing for car dealerships. 

Why Do Customers Submit Leads Online Instead of Calling You?

At TECOBI, we don’t make false promises, like “your phone is really going to be ringing off the hook!” That’s because it’s not. Most customers are going to submit leads online instead of calling you. (And forget about customers picking up the phone.) But we can promise you hundreds, or even thousands, of leads with our innovative system. But more on that later. First, let’s talk about why customers prefer to submit leads online. 

But why do customers prefer to submit leads online? Here are just a few reasons:

It’s Easy

Well, first of all, it’s about a million times easier to submit a lead online rather than picking up the phone to make a call. (When was the last time you called a business?) Facebook in particular makes it simple for leads to share their contact information with businesses via their Leads Ads. Facebook’s Lead Ads makes the lead generation process easy. With just a few clicks, someone who is interested in buying a new (or used) vehicle can share their details with you — and you generate a qualified lead for your dealership. 

It’s Low-Pressure 

For some people, making phone calls is a stressful experience. It is much less pressure to simply auto-fill a form online and hit send. TECOBI uses texting as the first method of following up with the leads we obtain for your dealership via Facebook and Instagram. Texting is another low-pressure method of communicating with car buyers and gathering more information about what they are looking for and if they are a good lead or not. 

It Sends a Message

Many of today’s car buyers are sick of the traditional, pushy sales tactics used by car dealerships. They want a more relaxed experience. Those pushy sales tactics are in the past. When you give buyers another way to buy a car besides simply bombarding them with phone calls, it sends a message that your dealership is unlike those other ones where most people hate shopping. If you want to compete with these newer companies like Carvana and VROOM, you need to update to modern selling strategies that use tactics like social media and texting.

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Why Lead Forms are Better Than Lead Calls for You, Too

We’ve already talked about why customers prefer submitting leads online instead of calling you. But as it turns out, there are also some benefits for you, too. 

In the past, your dealership’s job was to get your phone number out there — whether it was via billboards, the Yellow Pages, or your website — and then potential leads would pick up the phone and call you. 

I hate to break it to you, but if you are still running ads that direct potential car buyers to call a phone number to reach your dealership, you are probably doing your automotive advertising completely wrong. Your ads should allow your leads to contact you as easily as possible.  

Now, there is a better way to generate leads. Now, you simply sit back and let our Facebook and Instagram ads do all the hard work for you and watch the leads roll in online.

Why Texting is Better Than Inbound Call Conversion

Then, our Text Ninjas begin texting back and forth with those leads. Did you know that people respond to text message campaigns within 90 seconds on average, and have a 209% higher response rate than phone calls? It’s true. That’s why we use TCT: text, call, text. We use texting to engage with the lead, then we only call them once we know they are ready to chat. 

Here’s the thing: most customers still want to talk to a human being. Especially when they are purchasing a big-ticket item like a vehicle. They just don’t want to pick up the phone themselves to call, or answer a phone call from someone they don’t know. 

We just wait until they are ready, so your sales team isn’t wasting unnecessary time on the phone call. TECOBI cuts down on all that. 

Once a lead is ready for a phone call, we toss the lead over to your sales team. The lead never knows that they weren’t talking to you in the first place. And instead of culling through hundreds or thousands of leads yourselves, our TECOBI team has already done all the hard work for you. Now, all you have to do is close the deal and drive another deal home and into your client’s driveway.

Get More Leads Online With TECOBI

Now, you know why customers submit leads online instead of calling you. And you know what you have to do about it. No matter what ends up happening in the future of the automotive industry (even if TikTok takes over Facebook for lead generation), TECOBI has our foot on the gas pedal at all times. We will never stop innovating to meet the needs of our customers. Check out our enterprise pricing and set up a TECOBI demo today to get more leads for your car dealership. 

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TECOBI is the Future of Auto Retail

You can win the race to the future of auto retail with TECOBI. TECOBI helps you engage with more customers, set more appointments, and ultimately, sell more vehicles. We help you sell more cars and help put more dreams in driveways. Check out our plans and schedule a demo so you can rev up your dealership’s sales engine now and in the future.

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