Everyone knows the myth: If you’re able to follow a rainbow to its end, you’ll inevitably happen upon a pot of gold. You wouldn’t believe the number of times I’d look to the sky after a rainy day, hoping to find a rainbow I could pedal to the end of with the help of my trusty one-speed Schwinn.

As luck would have it, or lack of luck I suppose, I never found that pot of gold. I did, however, learn that if I actually wanted something, I needed to work for it. I couldn’t just pedal to the end of my driveway and expect to find riches and success. It would require time, sacrifice and changing my way of thinking.

The auto industry doesn’t abide by passive thinkers. If you stick to what you have always done, sooner rather than later your business model will count luck as one of its core values, eschewing the need to adapt in favor of the mantra “it worked in the past, so why wouldn’t it work in the future”. If that’s a common refrain for you, it’s likely you will be left behind.

Change is hard work. Our very nature as humans defaults to what is convenient. Thomas Edison, a guy who knew quite a bit about hard work, once said, “Opportunity is missed by most because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work.” Consider TECOBI then your overall-wearing go-getter.

At TECOBI, we offer your dealership an opportunity – one that has the potential to grow your business exponentially, largely based on how much effort you’re willing to put into it.

Our goal is to help guide you to the metaphorical end of the rainbow. Your pot of gold may be a vast pool of leads to pull from, reliable conversion rates, or simply sold cars. These things don’t have to be a myth – they are attainable, and we have spent over $35 million in Facebook ads while refining our processes to make it possible.

Yes, hearing the term Facebook lead may send an involuntary shiver down your spine, but consider for a minute another symbol of luck, the four-leaf clover. Turns out that if you went clover hunting, you would find one four-leaf clover in roughly every 5,000 clovers you examined. Facebook lead conversion shouldn’t be that rare, though oftentimes it is viewed that way.

Dealerships we have partnered with have consistently produced success with far more regularity. Seguin Chevrolet, for example, has been working with TECOBI since October 2019. Since then, they have converted Facebook leads into sold cars at an incredible rate. We’re not talking 1-in-1,000, or even 1-in-100, but one sold car for every 27 leads! That’s not a four-leaf-clover rarity. That’s a dealership that has adopted the system TECOBI offers and worked hard to utilize it to the best of their ability.

Like with Seguin Chevrolet, TECOBI partners with you to identify your strengths and weaknesses as a dealership. We have the ability to do the heavy lifting required to continuously follow up with leads for days, weeks, months, even years if that’s what is needed. We build relationships with leads that last until they become your customer and beyond.


We want you to experience long-term success, not just the flash in the pan of a weekend sale.

The process of making this kind of change is hard work, but as I learned when I was a kid riding my bike around the rain-slicked streets of my neighborhood, nothing good comes easy.

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Dan Webb

pot of gold every month

Ramae Allen

YES!!!!!!!! Follow up is key!!! I work with customers who come in and buy a vehicle that day! And I have others who didn’t buy a vehicle up until a year later! Follow Up Follow Up!