Over one-and-a-half million vehicles are projected to be sold each month this year alone. Each. Month. With record sales numbers for auto dealers in 2015 and numbers for 2016 looking to be as forecasted, is your dealership achieving record sales numbers as well?

This article is about efficiently selling across multiple generations on a Texting Platform with which everyone will be comfortable using. Why is this important? This is important because comfortable customers are buying customers and they spend more money.

Currently, Millennials are America’s largest generation, at about 75.4 million in 2015. (Pew Internet Research, 2015). Baby Boomers top out at just under that at 74.9 million and don’t forget all of the Generation X’ers. That’s a lot of potential buying power spread across three generations.

A current and major marketing challenge for many dealerships is:
How does my dealership bridge the wide range of preferred communication styles of these different generations, from traditional advertising for older customers who may still read a physical newspaper in the mornings to younger generations who have grown up in the digital age?

How does one successfully advertise, communicate, and interact with potential buyers from ages 18 to 99 in ways that are comfortable for them? The answer is very simple: Texting.

In 2015, 68% of Americans owned a smartphone (Pew Internet Research, 2015). When given the choice, more than half of those people choose to text rather than call; 100 million Americans who prefer to communicate mainly through texting! The majority of those texts are opened and read within 5 minutes of being sent!

Reach more buyers

Largely overlooked by the automotive industry, texting is a very effective way to reach more buyers. Whether old or young, smart phone or dumb phone, most Americans are texting these days, and they have been for a while. Look out into your customer waiting area. How many of those people are on their phones? Over 60% of phone users use their phones to help them purchase a home, over 40% for their banking and loans, and over 30% for their vehicle purchases, with those numbers rapidly trending up as society’s dependency on cell phones increases.

Running a successful and well-managed texting campaign opens up your business to a widely untapped and highly used form of communication, which is comfortable for the customer no matter the generation. With a solid texting strategy you can not only retain customer loyalty but also help to build new customers in an era in which the trendiest social media can change from month to month. Leaving you frustrated time and again, hands in the air, over wasted Internet advertising.

Control your communications

Texting is also an area, which your sales guys can easily take over if you are not in control of the process from the beginning. The last thing you want is a disgruntled employee leaving with a list of customers and their phone numbers which he or she has been texting. This is only one of the reasons is why it is important to have the aid of a qualified and experienced texting partner.

An effective texting campaign leads to increased response times and more comfortable, well-managed and controlled conversations with your customers, which ultimately lead to more walk-ins and more vehicles sold. That’s why it is imperative that you consult with a company that has not only expertise but the most up-to-date automotive text message technology to help you drive this portion of your marketing campaign. For reliable advice on a solid and savvy texting strategy, contact the leading automotive industry expert and pioneer in texting – technology, Jason Girdner, at jason@tecobi.com

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