How You Can Retain a Better Sales Team with TECOBI Software

At TECOBI, our ultimate goal is to help you sell more cars. While we are in the business of creating software to help you move more vehicles off your lot and into driveways, you also need an excellent sales team to use the software. There is a reason why human salespeople have not been replaced with robots. We can build the best automotive software in the world, but without an excellent sales team utilizing it, you can’t sell more vehicles. TECOBI software can help you recruit and retain a better sales team.

Importance of Your Automotive Sales Team

The last few years have killed the traditional car salesperson as we know it. Soon, the stereotypical caricature of a car salesman being pushy and over-the-top will be as extinct as dinosaurs. The pandemic has transformed the auto industry in more ways than one. Sales teams are spending as much time online and texting as they are talking to customers on the showroom floor. 

If you want your dealership to not just survive but thrive, you don’t just need TECOBI. You also need an excellent automotive sales team. The success of many dealerships is going to come down to the manpower and maximizing the relationships that you have. Your dealership is only as good as your sales team. The quality of your salespeople and staffing at the dealership has a direct effect on the results of being able to use our software properly. 

TECOBI allows you to use some automation without losing the human touch of a local, neighborhood car dealership. While some car buyers who want zero interaction with a real human will head straight to Carvana, many others still want that person-to-person relationship with their local car dealer.

How to Retain a Better Sales Team

Between the weird times in the car industry and the Great Resignation, many dealerships are experiencing a lot of employee turnover. Are you sick of hiring and training new sales people for your dealership, only for them to quit in less than a year? Sales teams love using TECOBI. If you are looking to recruit or retain an excellent sales team and see less turnover at your dealership, you need TECOBI. 

It’s not just customers who are sick of the old way of selling cars. It’s also salespeople. No one wants to come into the dealership every morning and start cold-calling people who don’t want to hear from you. TECOBI offers a streamlined process where we deliver hot leads directly to your sales team. Then, they get to do what they do best: finish the sale. 

As dealerships start to slow down (as they inevitably will as the economy comes down), it’s going to be more important that the people you have on staff are hyper-productive. It’s more important than ever that you can recruit and retain a great sales team.

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Benefits of TECOBI Software for Sales Teams 

Sales teams love using TECOBI. Here are just a few reasons why: 

Easy to Learn

TECOBI is simple and makes training your dealership staff easy.

No More Pushy, Aggressive Selling of the Past

Pushy sales tactics are in the past. TECOBI helps you follow up with leads who are actually ready to buy a car. It’s time to transition from this old-school way of selling cars. I whole-heartedly believe that a dealership can sell cars without having to put the customer through some tricky sales process.

TECOBI Saves Time

TECOBI helps your sales team be more efficient. Instead of waking up in the morning and heading to the dealership to make a bunch of cold calls, all you have to do is hit a button first thing in the morning and send out a text to your funnel of leads. Then, your sales team can spend the day working whichever leads respond to your blast. 

No Annoying CRM

Let’s be real: most CRMS are a waste of a salesman’s time. If your sales team is spending countless hours a day completing mundane or repeated tasks in a CRM, they are spending less time actually talking to customers. Sales teams don’t want to spend all day completing tasks and clicking buttons. 

Plays to Their Strengths

People who are in sales are in this business for a reason. They love to sell. TECOBI takes the busywork out of selling cars. We (well, our software) does most of the hard work for your sales team. All they have to do is close the sale. 

Easy Follow-Up Process 

TECOBI has the best lead follow-up process in the industry. It’s not just customers that love it, but sales teams, too. No good salesman likes to let a good lead fall through the cracks. That won’t happen with TECOBI.

Charles Gabus Ford

Hear From a Real Car Salesman Who Loves TECOBI

Don’t just take it from me. Dylan Cottrell, who is in automotive sales for Charles Gabus Ford in Des Moines, Iowa, loves using TECOBI.

“From one salesperson to another, I think TECOBI is a great thing to utilize. All it’s going to do is help you be more efficient, make more money, and be more organized. And that’s always the goal, right?” Cottrell said. 

“TECOBI has definitely helped me increase sales and the biggest way is that when I see a customer text me back, I can click a button and call them right away. I know that they’re at their phone and ready to talk about buying a vehicle,” Cottrell said.

Recruit and Retain a Better Sales Team with TECOBI

Whether you are hiring or simply trying to retain a great sales team at your dealership, TECOBI can help. The success of auto dealerships going forward is going to come down to manpower and maximizing the resources that dealerships have, including software and sales teams. Your sales team will be excited to come into work every day and use TECOBI to sell more cars. Not only will TECOBI help you retain your sales team, but it will also help you recruit new sales professionals who may have been hesitant to enter the industry due to the old-school way of selling cars. At TECOBI, we help you teach your sales team how to communicate with today’s customer. We are constantly innovating to help make your sales team’s job easier. 

You’re welcome.

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