The email below was sent to dealers today after all websites went off-line. Networking issues should not be able to impact their customers like this. They are a large company and should have a fail-safe in place to prevent this from happening!


We live in a day and age where companies like Amazon and Google provide cloud hosting services that allow you to remain redundant across regions of the world to make sure that your clients do you not lose service.

Our company is small in comparison to the monster behemoth that is and Cox Automotive. We have about twenty-five employees and a few hundred clients. Even as small as we are, we have measures in place to avoid outages when storms hit certain regions or something happens with networks in regions. It is a fairly common in the regular tech world to have these in place. Apparently not in the automotive tech world though.

Being hosted on Google’s Cloud Compute Engine has actually made this very easy for us. We have access to Google’s servers all over the globe and can easily have redundancy for our system should something catastrophic happen.

I don’t believe that and many of these tech companies who struggle from these issues are doing this on purpose. I believe their systems and their companies have become so big they can’t make adjustments and adapt with growing and advancing technology.

I’m sure the majority of people reading this don’t need to be told that the large tech giants in the automotive space have poor and outdated software. I’m sure you don’t need to be told exactly why their sites to go down to have a clue as to why it happens.

The question is. What can be done about it?

Here is my answer! Support smaller tech vendors in our space.

Deal with a few extra logins and maybe a few less features to help these smaller tech vendors grow. Help them pull more and more market-share from the large guys. Until the large guys have to work to keep their big fat paychecks coming in, we will always get the bare minimum from them. We need to drive competition in the market place and put a dent in their pocket books to get their attention.

If you think service outages like this are ridiculous for a company the size of and Cox Automotive, and you would like some ideas on smaller tech vendors you can use, just click the Text Us button. We will help point you to some good vendors to give a try.

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