Is TECOBI Beneficial for Smaller Dealerships?

Maybe you’re a smaller dealership, and you’re not sure if TECOBI’s system will work for you. Well, I’ve got some good news for you. TECOBI’s system works just as well — and maybe even better — than it does for large dealerships. Here’s why: with TECOBI, you can do everything a larger dealership with a huge staff can do, and you can do it even better. You don’t have to hire ten people to follow up on leads and spend all day on the phone. Instead, we deliver the leads straight to your dealership. Size doesn’t matter at TECOBI. We help car dealerships across the United States sell more vehicles. Small, big, it doesn’t matter. We can help you, too. 

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Small Dealership Marketing with TECOBI

TECOBI is ideal for small dealership marketing. Why? Because we’re your marketing department. There is no need to hire a group of marketers, pay their salary and insurance, when you could simply hire TECOBI instead. You can hire one BDC rep to do the work of ten BDC reps when you have TECOBI. 

Our Text Ninjas and Hybrid Intelligence are a million times more effective than a BDC. We work as a team with your small dealership and are just as dedicated to your success as anyone you could hire. At the end of the day, our goal is the same as yours: to help you sell more cars. 

So, what does TECOBI do, really? We offer advanced communication and advertising solutions for car dealerships. We help you take control of your dealership’s leads with our patented SMS/Text conversations. Learn more about how we get you leads that succeed.

How We Get Auto Leads for Smaller Dealerships

How are you going about getting auto leads for your dealership? We know that lots of smaller dealerships are still doing things the old way: salesmen are still cold-calling, using a CRM, and running TV commercials. It’s time to move on. 

At TECOBI, we do things differently. We use the latest SaaS technology to help you get more leads and sell more cars. If you want to compete with the larger dealerships in your region, you need TECOBI. They’ll have no idea how you’re selling so many cars with a smaller team and dealership. We’re the secret to success. 

Our system works because it is a quick, easy, and EFFECTIVE three-step process:

Facebook and Instagram Ads

There are pros and cons to being a smaller dealership. At TECOBI, we cast a wide net with our Facebook and Instagram ads for your dealership. If you’re already using Facebook auto ads and they’re not working, don’t worry. With more than $30 million in ad spend under our hood so far, we know how to create Facebook ads that work.

We Follow Up with Leads

Here’s the real upside to TECOBI for small dealerships: we have the ability to follow up on every lead for you, forever. Each and every single lead we capture for your dealership, we follow up with them until they buy or they die. Small dealerships don’t typically have the bandwidth to do that themselves. However, at TECOBI, we have experience getting leads to buy cars even a year or two after we initially make contact with them. 

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Text Ninjas

How do we do it? With our text ninjas. Text messaging is the best and easiest way to sell more cars, faster. It allows customers to communicate with you (well, us) easily, and without disrupting the flow of their daily lives. They don’t have to step away from a meeting or lunch to talk on the phone. They can text all their questions to us. The best part is, they never know that it wasn’t you they were talking to the whole time! Your sales team can see the entire text conversation and is ready to discuss the customer’s needs once they arrive at the dealership. 

We have the ability to follow up with thousands of leads with just the click of a button. Whoever replies, we keep the conversation going until they’re ready to set an appointment to come into your dealership. Our hybrid intelligence is what makes us so successful. Yes, it’s partially automated. But when it needs to be, we use personalized, human interaction to build the necessary relationship with the lead to turn them into a sale. 

What usually happens with the leads at a small dealership? After a few days, maybe even weeks, you have to let them go because you simply don’t have the time for endless follow-up. But at TECOBI, we turn even your dead leads into sold cars.

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So, What Does Your Dealership Need to Do?

All of this means that the employees at your dealership can focus on what they do best: selling cars. All your sales team has to do is close the deal and sign the paperwork with the client after they arrive at your dealership. No more spending all day chasing down leads that don’t pan out and wasting valuable time. Even your sales team will love working with TECOBI. 

Selling Cars Online with TECOBI

At TECOBI, we are the experts when it comes to selling cars online. Everything has changed about the automotive industry in the last few years. If you’re not evolving to keep up, you will cease to exist. 

When it comes to TECOBI, the size of your dealership doesn’t matter. In fact, maybe TECOBI will help you grow from a smaller dealership to a larger one! We help small, medium, large, ANY size dealerships sell more vehicles.

TECOBI really works. If you’re still not convinced, check out a real-life example of one of our happy clients in Des Moines, Iowa. You can hear from real TECOBI users about why TECOBI is beneficial for them, even smaller dealerships. You can do so much more with TECOBI than you can alone. Get miles ahead of the other dealerships in your area when you work with us.


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We work with your dealership to help you sell more cars. Our goal is to deliver you leads who are ready to visit the dealership and buy a new (or used) vehicle. Contact us today to learn how we can help you sell more cars in the next year.

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