How Dealerships Can Use Automation Without Losing the Human Touch

These days, there is an app, shortcut, or software for absolutely everything: including in the automotive industry. Automation is the business version of getting your dealership in the fast lane. There is absolutely no question that automation can benefit your dealership, especially when it comes to lead follow-up. But some dealerships have concerns that automation means losing the human, personal touch that car dealerships are known for. While that is a totally valid concern, when you use TECOBI, you don’t have to worry about losing that personal touch. Your leads will never know they are texting with someone other than your sales team. Only TECOBI has the revolutionary automation software to help automotive dealerships increase lead conversion rates, maximize ROI, and most importantly – sell more cars.

Automation in the Auto Industry

One of the keys to preparing your auto dealership for the future is automation. The next step in adapting to survive in the auto industry is automation. According to recent research by Mckinsey, more than 30% of sales-related activities can be automated. Imagine how much you can take off your sales team’s plate by automating some of the more annoying tasks they (let’s be real) don’t like doing anyway. 

Automation allows you to reduce the workload when it comes to reaching out to and following up with car leads. Automation in the auto industry makes it easier to send out ads, send personalized, targeted text messages to leads, and complete other tasks 

The number one benefit of automation is to save time, but not at the risk of losing the human touch. After all, automation is important, but personalization is also more important than ever in sales. The key to mastering the art of automation in the auto industry is to keep that personal, human touch. 

That’s why you need TECOBI. TECOBI is so much more than just automating tasks. It provides a better car sales experience for both your sales team and your customers, and contributes to a better bottom line. 

TECOBI doesn’t over-automate your system. Our automated texting software allows you to personalize our conversations with your leads. From the moment a lead responds to a blast, we start the ping-pong process inside TECOBI to follow up with each lead, individually and personally. We use teamwork, texts, and AI together to follow up with leads until they are ready to buy a car. 

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How TECOBI Streamlines the Automotive Sales Process

TECOBI is the leading Automotive SaaS company. We use automation where it makes sense. Our software empowers your salespeople to get big wins by taking the tedious tasks out of selling cars and allowing them to focus on closing the deal instead. We help your team do what it does best: close the deal and sell the vehicle. 

Our automated texting software takes the manpower out of communicating with large numbers of leads and reduces costs for your dealership immensely. Imagine being able to send out a single blast to thousands of leads at one time. It’s possible with TECOBI. TECOBI is miles better than any of the other CRM’s out there

Our texting software also allows us to connect with leads and connect them to their dream car (or at least, the car they can afford) without disrupting their daily routine and pattern.

How TECOBI Helps With Automotive Sales Tasks 

Imagine, instead of sitting down at your desk in the morning with a long list of leads to call, one a time, in the hopes of setting an appointment or two, that instead, you sit down and are delivered hot leads, with credit applications filled out and all the relevant information you need to finish the deal and sell them a car. 

Here is exactly what TECOBI does for you:

We Place Your Ads 

We start by placing Facebook and Instagram ads for your dealership. We cast a wide net to garner the largest number of leads possible, since we have the ability to follow up with thousands of leads on a daily basis. With $30 million in ad spend, we have the data to know what works. 

Send a Blast

Send out blasts with our innovative technology to follow up with all your dealership’s potential leads. Through our exemplary follow-up process, we turn even your “dead leads” into sales. 

Chat with Customers

Each of our Text Ninjas uses artificial intelligence to chat with hundreds or thousands of potential customers each day. The real issue that most dealerships face is the inability to follow up with leads for as long as it takes. Our data shows that it takes 42 days on average between initial contact and a vehicle purchase. 

But that’s okay, because TECOBI has the best lead follow-up solution in the game, so you never miss an opportunity. We gather all the relevant details from the lead regarding a potential trade-in and have them complete a credit app. Then, we tee-off warm (or even hot!) leads to your team.

Set More Appointments

If we have an extra-hot lead, we set the appointment for you. All your team has to do is show up to the appointment, sell the car, and wave them off in their new ride. 

Still not sold? Listen to Rachel Dixon, the owner of R&R Car Company: “We’re nine months into the year with 801 vehicles sold through TECOBI. That’s more than 60-70% of our sales that we would’ve missed without TECOBI.” 

How many car sales are you missing because you’re not using our awesome automated car sales software?

It’s time to shift into automation. Master the art of automation in auto sales with Tecobi and see how our software can help your dealership be more successful.

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TECOBI Is the Best at Automation in the Auto Industry 

TECOBI is helping dealerships across the country sell more cars with our automation software that retains the human touch that customers love, and more importantly, respond to. We help you engage with more customers, set more appointments, and sell more vehicles. Check out our enterprise pricing plans and set up a TECOBI demo today.

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