None of us could prepare for the many changes the last few years threw at the automotive industry. It’s safe to say that the auto industry will never be the same.  How is your car dealership preparing for the future? There are ways that dealerships can prepare for the future by taking a proactive approach to the way they do business. As the automotive industry shifts gears, dealerships need to do so as well to keep up. I have come up with plenty of ways you can prep your car dealership for the future of auto retail. 

What is the Future of Auto Retail? 

The future of car buying looks a lot different than it did before the pandemic. It’s possible that in the future, many consumers will buy a vehicle without ever stepping into a dealership. Instead of letting that scare you, consider some changes you can make to meet your consumer where they are and find new ways to sell more cars, faster.

Auto Industry Changes and How to Adapt

The number one change in the auto industry over the last few years is the acceleration toward digital retail. But there are some other major changes that affected the future of auto retail: 

New Competitors 

Your competition is no longer just the other dealership selling the same brands as you in your neighborhood or in the next town. Now, your dealership also has to compete with companies like Vroom and Carvana. These online used-car dealers thrived during the pandemic. Many of these options offer delivery to the customer’s home, which was the perfect option during a time when people changed the way they thought about what they could buy online and have shipped to their own driveways. These companies also benefit because most customers hate the stereotypes of buying a car from a dealership, so it’s time to leave those pushy sales tactics in the past.   

New Ways to Engage Customers 

Now more than ever, customers are venturing online when it comes time to find a new vehicle. If they don’t find your dealership, there is a higher likelihood that they will end up at another dealership (or Carvana) instead. That’s why TECOBI uses Facebook and Instagram ads to get your dealership in front of your market. Social media ads are the billboards of the future. Facebook’s lead form ads also make it easy to capture the customer’s contact information, and then we follow up with a text in a timely manner. 

New Technology 

It’s time to get rid of those landline phones on your sales teams’ desks and replace them with TECOBI. New technology is one of the most significant advancements in the auto industry in recent years. Software is your best friend when it comes to selling cars, and TECOBI’s software is the best in the game. 

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New Ways to Personalize the Car-Buying Experience

Today’s customers want and even expect a more personalized experience when they are shopping, especially for big-ticket items like a new vehicle. This is part of what makes TECOBI so effective. Our Text Ninjas are able to send out a blast to thousands of customers at once, but the customers never realize they aren’t speaking to a member of the sales team at your own dealership. Our technology is nothing like the Live Chat options on many websites. It is a real person on the other end engaging with the lead. A premium customer experience is key to capturing and retaining car shoppers in the future. 

Tips for Preparing Your Dealership for the Future of Automotive Retail 

Okay, enough of the bad news. There is good news, too. There are plenty of ways you can prep your dealership for the future and set yourself up for success.

Engage with Customers The Way They Want to Engage

It’s just like the golden rule: treat people how they want to be treated, except with customers, it’s best to engage with them how they want to engage. There are new ways to interact with customers beyond just billboards and phone calls. Most customers (not all, but most) don’t prefer talking on the phone or being hassled with phone calls. At TECOBI, we have found that most customers engage the best with text messages. That’s why we use innovative SMS technology to connect with customers. Customers can text during meetings, on their commute, or anytime, without having to take a break from their day. 

Try New Technology 

Don’t be afraid to try new ways to reach and engage with more customers. During the height of the pandemic, I pivoted and created live video conferencing technology to help our dealerships adapt to not having customers in-store. 

Personalize Your Experience 

Every day, personalization becomes more important for brands to embrace. TECOBI makes it easy to have a personalized conversation with leads via text that include the lead’s name. 


The number one way to prep your dealership for the future is to skip all the Jetsons stuff and instead, try using TECOBI. To put it simply, TECOBI helps dealerships sell more cars, faster. But on a more technical level, we offer advanced communication and advertising solutions for the automotive industry. 

I am constantly adapting TECOBI to better meet the needs of our client dealerships. For example, I recently created the “Hot Lead” button inside TECOBI to help alert your sales team when we have a lead who is ready to come in and purchase a vehicle. 

If another major change happens in the auto industry anytime soon, you know that TECOBI will be there to help get your dealership through it. TECOBI is the part of your vehicle that no one sees, but helps you accelerate ahead of the competition.

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TECOBI is the Future of Auto Retail

You can win the race to the future of auto retail with TECOBI. TECOBI helps you engage with more customers, set more appointments, and ultimately, sell more vehicles. We help you sell more cars and help put more dreams in driveways. Check out our plans and schedule a demo so you can rev up your dealership’s sales engine now and in the future.

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