Did You Know You Can Monitor Your Teams’ Communication With TECOBI?

Do you ever wish you could be invisible so you could see how your teams’ communication with leads is REALLY going? With TECOBI, we grant your wish! You can monitor all of your teams’ communication with leads in TECOBI. TECOBI doesn’t just help you engage with more customers, set more appointments, and sell more vehicles. We also help you monitor your teams’ communication with leads. There are so many benefits to being able to monitor your teams’ communication in TECOBI.

Benefits of Monitoring Your Teams’ Communication

There are several benefits to being able to monitor your teams’ communication in TECOBI software: 

Jump in the Conversation

If you ever wished you could jump in on a conversation one of your sales team members was having with a potential client, now you can. Lend your expertise to your sales team and jump in on their conversations. You already know how to be a successful car salesman. If one of your sales team members is having a tough time closing a sale, you can hop in and show them how it’s done. 

Keep Track of Progress With Leads

TECOBI allows you to monitor and keep track of the progress your team is making with leads. No more constantly walking by your teams’ desks asking them for updates about how it’s going with Doug or Sharon. You can just open up TECOBI and see for yourself. 

Provide Feedback for Your Team

TECOBI helps you give honest feedback to your sales team. If you want your sales team to work its best and sell the most cars, you need to be able to see what they’re doing. Our ability to monitor communication allows you to provide real feedback to your team and help them get better at their jobs and sell more cars. And isn’t that the ultimate goal? 

Jump In On Video Conferences

During the pandemic, we added a video-conferencing feature to TECOBI. Video conferencing is the latest way we are helping dealerships sell more cars. This allowed car dealers to sell cars and complete more of the process remotely. Within TECOBI, you can also jump in on video conferencing. 

Make Your Employees Happy 

It’s not just sales managers and dealership owners who love TECOBI. Salesmen love using TECOBI, too. It makes their jobs a million times easier. No more cold-calling leads who aren’t remotely interested in buying a car. Instead, sales teams have a working pipeline of leads who are ready and waiting to talk to them, each and every day. TECOBI allows sales teams to do what they do best: sell cars. 

How You Can Monitor Your Teams’ Communication With TECOBI 

Sometimes, your sales team just needs a little nudge in the right direction. Did you know you can monitor your team’s phone calls, text messages, and video conference in real time with TECOBI? You can also join in the calls, whisper, or just listen. Jump into the chats and video conferences. It’s a great way to see what everyone on your team is actively doing right now! It’s great for sending a text follow up out to all of your leads and then sitting back and making sure your team is handling the responses correctly. If you want to retain a great sales team, you need TECOBI software.

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Other Benefits of Using TECOBI You May Not Know About (Yet)

If you didn’t know that you can monitor your teams’ communication in TECOBI, what other amazing benefits do you not know about? TECOBI is much better than any old lame automotive CRM out there. 

Text Ninjas

TECOBI has a team of Text Ninjas who are waiting to help you sell more cars. Studies show that customers prefer texting with businesses. Our Text Ninjas are paired with artificial intelligence and communicate with thousands of leads each day. Then, we tee off your hot leads to your team to close the sale. 

Hot Lead Button

Another newer feature in TECOBI is our hot lead sales process. When we have a new hot lead who needs a phone call right away and is about ready to buy a car, we will add a hot lead tag to the lead so you know that person needs attention right away. 

Testing TikTok

At TECOBI, we test the latest trends in automotive marketing so you don’t have to. One of the tools we have tested recently is TikTok. While TikTok might not take over Facebook for lead generation for the automotive industry any time soon, we stay on top of the newest technology and platforms. 

Re-Engage With Potential Customers

At TECOBI, we are all about helping you re-engage with the potential leads you already have in your sales pipeline. 

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How Is Your Sales Team REALLY Doing? 

Let’s be real: not only does the car-buying process stink, but sometimes the car-selling process stinks, too. This is especially the case if you’re sitting in your office wondering what exactly your sales team is up to all day. You don’t want your sales teams’ communication to be a complete mystery to you.  If you have trouble tracking down exactly where your sales team is at with various leads, TECOBI solves this problem for you. 

Do you actually know what your sales team is doing? Sure, they can tell you they are making phone calls, sending text messages, and following up with leads. If you are a hands-on sales manager or dealership owner, TECOBI allows you to be involved in every step of the process with your team. 

TECOBI’s ultimate goal is to make your sales team more efficient. We don’t replace humans with software. We build software that makes humans more efficient. Our automotive software might even give you an unfair advantage over your competition by helping you measure and track the success of your sales team

Begin Monitoring Your Teams’ Communication With TECOBI Today 

Monitoring your teams’ communications with customers is only one of the many benefits of utilizing TECOBI at your dealership. Instead of working harder, work smarter to get the most amount of work done with TECOBI. There are a ton of other benefits to adding TECOBI to your dealership to help you put more dreams in driveways.

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