With the increasing popularity of TikTok and other social media platforms, and the so-called “decline” of Facebook, you might be wondering: how is my auto dealership going to generate leads if people stop using Facebook!? Many car dealerships rely on automotive Facebook advertising to get leads. And for the first time ever recently, Facebook’s total user base decreased. In the fourth quarter of 2021, the social media site lost about half a million global daily users. However, this does not mean it is time to panic. (Far from it!) The large majority of people are not going to stop using Facebook anytime soon. Facebook remains the best place to capture leads for automotive companies. And even if people stop using Facebook, TECOBI has the ability to innovate to meet leads wherever they are and drive them straight to your dealership, so they can drive home in a new vehicle.

How to Generate Leads if People Stop Using Facebook

Car dealerships that are looking for ways to connect with car buyers are facing extraordinary challenges, even in the digital era. (And this was even before we were in a COVID recovery period, which affected the state of social media, not to mention the automotive industry.) 

A winning automotive strategy requires dealerships to stay on top of the latest developments in social media and technology and to innovate. Innovation is essential for car dealerships to survive and beat out new competitors in the market like Carvana and Vroom. For many dealerships, this means using Facebook to generate leads. 

Whether you are a long-time TECOBI client who is wondering how long Facebook will be a viable lead generation tool, or you’re a auto dealer that hasn’t worked with TECOBI yet and you are curious about the future of marketing in the auto industry, you don’t have to worry about how to generate leads if people stop using Facebook all of a sudden. That’s because TECOBI’s Facebook ads really work for our clients. And if they stop working, we’ll already be on to the next hot thing.

Why TECOBI’s Facebook Lead Generation Works

At TECOBI, our Facebook ads really work. (And yes, Facebook leads are still effective in auto sales.) You could say that we have a lot of experience in running Facebook and Instagram ads. After all, we have more than $30 million in ad spend so far. 

Part of the reason our strategy works so well is due to Facebook’s (or Meta’s) Lead Ads. Lead ads offer a simpler way for people to give us their contact information. It uses a simple and safe signup form that is already pre-populated with their contact information. Our client Alex Flores of Seguin Chevrolet invested $20,000 in four months and made over $400,000 by using our Facebook lead generation strategy. That’s a pretty good ROI. And that is just one of our many happy clients who use our Facebook advertising tactics to get fantastic results for their dealerships.

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What About TikTok Lead Generation? 

Maybe you’re reading what I’m saying and you’re thinking, “okay, Jason, but what about TikTok?” While TikTok rose to popularity in a pretty fast and furious manner (it is now one of the most popular social media platforms in the world) it is also merging into the lead generation game. 

That’s right: that silly dance app has become a valuable sales tool for the auto industry. While you might not be able to capture leads directly from TikTok the way you are able to from Facebook, it is still a fun platform to play around with and use it to build awareness for your dealership and connect with an audience that might not be spending a ton of time on Facebook. (Basically, TikTok has a much younger average audience than Facebook.) Plus, TikTok also has some cool video features that allow you to show off your inventory in a bit-sized snippet. But it is going to take some work to produce those videos! But Facebook has nothing to be worried about from the latest booming social app, and neither do you. That’s because TECOBI will be able to find leads for your dealership, no matter what.

TECOBI Has the Best Lead Follow-Up Software 

If you are worried about how to generate leads if people stop using Facebook, you need to start using TECOBI. We are the best way to double your sales without doubling your marketing budget. At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter whether we get your leads from Facebook, TikTok, or whichever social media app is popular next week, next month, or next year. No matter what, our team will always innovate to find new leads for your dealership. Then, we have the best follow-up software in the industry. Our Text Ninjas use our proprietary SMS technology to get your customers engaged leading up to a sale. Then, we get some more information and connect with the customer over the phone. Finally, we get a little more information via text. I call this process TCT: text, call, text. Then, we set an appointment for the client at your dealership. We hand them over to your sales team so you can close the deal and sell another car.

How to Generate Leads with TECOBI (Even if People Stop Using Facebook)

TECOBI is your team, with or without Facebook. Even if people stop using Facebook (which I still think is highly unlikely), you will still have TECOBI. TECOBI is constantly innovating new ways for car dealerships to generate leads and sell more cars. There is a reason why TECOBI isn’t afraid to innovate, even when the rest of the automotive industry stays stuck in the mud. We accelerate when everyone else hits the brakes. When you partner with TECOBI, you are not only getting access to our proprietary technology to sell more cars today, but you are also partnering with an innovative company that stays a pace or two ahead of the competition. Schedule a TECOBI demo today!

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TECOBI is the Future of Auto Retail

You can win the race to the future of auto retail with TECOBI. TECOBI helps you engage with more customers, set more appointments, and ultimately, sell more vehicles. We help you sell more cars and help put more dreams in driveways. Check out our plans and schedule a demo so you can rev up your dealership’s sales engine now and in the future.

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