How is your follow-up game going at your dealership? Do you currently have the ability to follow up on every single lead? I’m going to tell you exactly how you can follow up on every single lead your dealership gets with TECOBI. You don’t have to pay tens of thousands of dollars to a huge BDC team. Our way is more effective and less expensive: win-win. We follow up until the leads buy or they die: every single one. TECOBI has the best auto lead process in the industry. 

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The Auto Lead Process at TECOBI

Here is how the auto lead process works inside TECOBI. At its most basic, sales is just a question and answer game. It’s just like a ping-pong match between the dealership and the customer. We ask the customer questions to move them through the process of buying a car. 

It typically goes something like this: 

Dealership: “What kind of car do you want?”

Customer: “I need a truck.” 

Dealership: “Do you have something to trade in?” 

Customer: “I have an F-150.” 

Dealership: “How many miles does it have?” 

Customer: “It has 50,000 miles.”

Dealership: “Do you need financing?” 

Customer: “Yes, I do.” 

Dealership: “Can you fill out this credit app?” 

Customer: “Here’s my credit app.” 

Dealership: “Can you come in on Monday? 

Customer: “Yes, I can come in on Monday.” 

Dealership: “Why did you miss your appointment?” 

Customer: “I need to come in on Wednesday.” 

car sales man on phone
customer on phone

And so on and so forth, until either the customer buys a car, or they ghost us.

Yes, ghosting. We see it all the time, and I’m sure you do, too. The leads suddenly stop replying to emails and texts and disappear off the face of the planet. We continue to play the follow-up game and keep calling. What ends up happening is your team spends a ton of time doing busywork in the CRM. There is a better alternative.

information and aren’t quite ready to buy yet.

TECOBI Uses the Best Auto Sales Tactics

Pushy auto sales tactics are in the past. Customers are just people. Let’s start treating them that way. Their lives change. Maybe what they want to purchase changes, or they realize they need more money to put down, or their current vehicle isn’t worth what they thought it was. Or, maybe they had a death in the family or got fired from their job that day. We don’t know why they’re not answering because, well, they’re not answering. 

There is a better way of selling cars, and it’s with TECOBI. If you have 300 customers lined up out the door ready to talk about buying a car, you don’t need to harass the customers higher in the funnel who have just submitted their information and aren’t quite ready to buy yet.

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Why TECOBI is Better Than BDC Agents

When most dealerships have a good amount of leads coming in, they hire a whole bunch of BDC agents. Sure, BDC agents are good at following up. But there is a limit to how much you can do. TECOBI is different.

Here’s how TECOBI works. We hit the ping-pong ball back and forth with the customer. When the customers stop responding, that’s what we call our working pipeline. These are the customers who we have actively engaged in a conversation, and we’re waiting for them to reply to us. Many of our clients that have been with us between two and three years have approximately 3,000 customers in their working pipeline. 

Imagine 3,000 leads. How long does it take you to follow up with 3,000 customers? No matter how many BDC agents you have, you’re not going to be able to do it. But at TECOBI, we do it every day. It is as simple as hitting a button. 

The average customer takes 43 days from the time they submit a lead to the time they buy a car. It’s a long follow-up process, but TECOBI gives you the bandwidth to do it quickly and easily.

Once the lead is ready to talk on the phone or make an appointment to come into the dealership, your sales team gets a notification that it’s time to call this lead.

Why Text Message Sales are the Best

Take those 3,000 customers in your working pipeline. Every single day, you use TECOBI’s proprietary text messaging software to follow up with all of them. Then, you can start talking to the customers who are ready to buy a car. 

Our average response rate on a text blast to the working pipeline is 10 percent. So, if you have 3,000 customers in your working pipeline, that is 300 customers who are now ready to talk about buying a vehicle. 

Text message is simply the best way to engage with your leads. There is a reason why SMS marketing is so popular. Ninety-seven percent of text messages are read within the first three minutes. Emails go unopened, and let’s be real, customers don’t like phone calls. (Who does like answering the phone?) Text messaging is the best way to get your message to leads and get them re-engaged. 

Once the lead is ready to talk on the phone or make an appointment to come into the dealership, your sales team gets a notification that it’s time to call this lead.

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Try TECOBI’s Auto Lead Process Today

Follow-up is very important with leads, especially in the car business. Leads are checking out your website long before they are actually ready to purchase a vehicle. As salespeople, we are addicted to low-funnel, in-market shoppers. Our system can help break you of that addiction. 

We developed this solution because we were generating Facebook leads that are typically higher funnel, lower market customers. We needed a way to stay in touch with those leads for the 43 average days it takes for them to purchase a car. 

You are insane to send thousands of dollars a month to do the follow-up that can be done easily with a click of a button with TECOBI, at no extra expense to your dealership. Are you ready to shift gears and try a new auto lead process that actually works and helps you follow up with every single lead? Learn more about our enterprise pricing and plans to help your dealership sell more cars.


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We work with your dealership to help you sell more cars. Our goal is to deliver you leads who are ready to visit the dealership and buy a new (or used) vehicle. Contact us today to learn how we can help you sell more cars in the next year.

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