How TECOBI Works: A Real-Life Example

Do you want to crush your sales? Are you considering trying TECOBI, but you’re not quite ready yet? Maybe you’ve been trying the same things over and over, like Facebook ads, to try and sell more cars, but it’s just not working. We hear about it all the time. That means it’s time to shift gears and try something new. If you want to increase your dealership’s profitability, efficiency, and accountability, it’s time for TECOBI. Let me tell you how one dealership found success by teaming up with TECOBI. 

A Real TECOBI Success Story: Charles Gabus Ford

I want to share a great TECOBI success story. Hear from real TECOBI users about how TECOBI works for them and why they love it. Noah Wolter, the general manager of Charles Gabus Ford in Des Moines, Iowa, has been using TECOBI for two years now. 

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TECOBI Follows Up on Leads Forever

Noah has been using TECOBI for two years, and he is still picking up with leads and making deals with them from when he first started. Only TECOBI can do that. We’ll tell you how – with TECOBI, our patented software makes it easy to follow up with leads forever. That’s right. Either they buy, or they die. 

What happens with leads after two years at your dealership? What probably happens is that they are dropped in favor of “more likely to buy” leads. It’s simply not possible to keep up with leads forever, unless you use TECOBI.

A common complaint we’re hearing lately is that dealerships are struggling to keep up with leads right now, as the car market is insane. With TECOBI, you will never have a hard time keeping up with your leads. Our innovative text messaging technology makes it easy to send messages to leads immediately with just a few clicks of a button.

Why Sales Teams Love TECOBI

If you’re a member of a sales team and you’re unsure if TECOBI is the route you want to take, consider what Dylan Cottrell, an automotive sales consultant at Charles Gabus Ford, has to say. 

“From one sales person to another, I think TECOBI is a great thing to utilize. All it’s going to do is help you be more efficient, make more money, and be more organized. And that’s always the goal, right?” 

If you want to make your salespeople’s jobs easier, you need TECOBI. Work smarter, not harder.

Real TECOBI Results

Since Noah started using TECOBI at Charles Gabus Ford, they have sold 326 cars on Facebook. They have spent $113,000 in ad spend and seen $1.4 million in growth. That’s right – more than one million dollars.

Do you want to see these kinds of incredible results? Then you need to try TECOBI. Still not sold? Check out some of our other clients’ success stories.

What About CRMs?

Let’s be real: CRMs are a waste of your sales teams’ time

Erika Hall, the business development manager at Charles Gabus Ford, says, “CRMs make a lot of really simple processes really hard, and TECOBI makes a lot of really complicated processes really easy.”

At TECOBI, we do all the hard work for you. We set up your Facebook ads, follow up with leads, and then send them to your sales team once they’re ready to make an appointment. Our system works much better than a CRM.

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How Has Tecobi Helped Increase Sales

Even sales teams love TECOBI. Why? Because we help make their jobs easier. Let’s go back to Dylan, a salesman at Charles Gabus Ford. 

“TECOBI has definitely helped me increase sales, and the biggest way is that when I see a customer text me back, I can click a button and call them right away. I know they are at their phone and ready to talk about buying a vehicle.” 

When you use TECOBI, we deliver the leads to your sales team so they can close the deal and sell the vehicle.

Improve Your Workforce with TECOBI (And Get Better Results)

Here’s the important part. Our TECOBI technology allows our Text Ninjas to follow up with thousands of leads at the click of a button. Can your dealership do that?

We follow up right away, which works well for some leads who actually are ready to buy. For others, we are more persistent. How many leads do you eventually drop because they are simply not ready to buy a car yet? That will never happen with TECOBI. Sometimes, our dealerships sell a car even a YEAR after the lead first sees your ad on Facebook. 

We have nurtured that lead for you and followed up periodically so that when they are ready to buy, they come to your dealership. Our proprietary technology makes it possible for us to do that. We can follow up with as many leads as we can find for your dealerships for as long as it takes to turn them into buyers. 

We follow up ‘til they buy or they die.

What’s Your Favorite Part of TECOBI?

“My favorite part of TECOBI is the entire thing!” Noah says. “I personally don’t want anybody around me to have it because it’s so easy for us to get customers in here and it gets back to them immediately. You don’t have to wait for the salesperson to get done with their deal or to get off the phone. It immediately texts the customers. You’re always going to be the first one to get in touch with them, and that’s usually what wins the battle.” 

Our clients don’t just love our technology, they also love working with our team. 

“I’m also really impressed with TECOBI as a company, and I love having a person that I can depend on to field ideas off of, who backs me and helps me and guides me. There isn’t really anything about TECOBI that I don’t like. I love this program,” Erika says.


Crush It with TECOBI

So, how does more than one million dollars in revenue sound to you? If you want to win the battle and crush the competition like Charles Gabus Ford, contact us at TECOBI today. 

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