How TECOBI Thrives in Any Economy

Most of us know that the economy isn’t the best right now. Between inflation, layoffs, supply chain issues, and a microchip shortage, things can feel pretty bleak. All of these issues can lead to struggles for car dealerships. For many productivity tools, business is booming right now, despite the economy. That’s because productivity tools become increasingly important during an economic downturn. (For example, just look at how well Salesforce is thriving right now.) So, how can our productivity tool help boost your car dealership during this downed economy? TECOBI can help you sell more cars due to our incredible lead-generation technology, no matter the state of inflation or the economy.

The Importance of Productivity Tools

Productivity tools are key to help businesses thrive and stay efficient, especially during a downed economy. At its core, TECOBI is a productivity tool for the automotive realm. A key indicator of success during an economic downturn is whether a car dealership continues to invest in technology for its success or not. TECOBI helps car dealerships engage with more customers, set more appointments, and ultimately, sell more vehicles. 

The Keys to Surviving During an Economic Downturn

Auto dealers have already been dealing with chip shortages, supply chain disruptions, and depleted levels of available inventory, and now gas prices have skyrocketed.  This mix of problems for the auto industry can cause a crisis for some dealerships.

While we can’t fix those external, global issues with the auto industry for you, we can help streamline your sales process by helping you get more leads and helping you follow up with those leads.

There are two keys to surviving an economic downturn: increasing productivity and saving costs. Productivity tools just like TECOBI help you do both of those things.

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How Productivity Software Helps Rev Up Car Dealerships During a Down Economy

During a down economy, productivity tools thrive. TECOBI pivots to meet the needs of our clients. As needs and trends change in the auto industry and beyond, TECOBI adapts to meet those needs. Adaptation is key for survival. For example, since TikTok has become popular, we have begun researching ways that TikTok might be useful to help auto dealerships sell more cars. (Check us out on TikTok!) At TECOBI, we are always at least one step ahead of the competition. 

Most dealerships hit the brakes when they see challenges up ahead or an economic downturn on the horizon. But the dealerships that will survive actually speed up. Maybe they have to turn to avoid a challenge, but adaptation is key to survival. And so is TECOBI. If you want to survive these challenging times, we are here to help you.

Top Five Benefits of Investing in TECOBI Right Now

Many auto dealerships hesitate when it comes to adapting newer technologies. The best time to prepare for the future of the automotive industry is now. There are five top benefits to investing in a productivity software like TECOBI during a down economy: 

Invest in Efficiency

When you invest in a new productivity software for your auto dealership, you invest in efficiency. TECOBI makes your dealerships more flexible by taking a lot of the busywork off your hands. Sometimes, adding new software can slow down your team. We believe using software should make your job easier, not harder. That’s why TECOBI is intuitive and easy to use and requires almost zero adoption time. 

Take Advantage of Automation

Investing in automation helps keep your employees productive. (And no, you don’t need to worry. Robots aren’t coming for your sales jobs.) But it is possible to use marketing automation to your advantage. Some dealerships are scared of automating tasks and losing the human touch of car selling that many customers expect. However, TECOBI allows you to use automation in a way that your clients never even realize they have been texting with software instead of a real person. 

Increase Productivity

When you utilize TECOBI, you increase the productivity of your sales team. Instead of them sitting on endless phone calls through the day contacting leads that may or may not work out, they only have to pick up the phone when a hot lead comes in through TECOBI who is ready to talk to a member of your sales team. All your team has to do is close deals and put butts in new cars. We cut out the busywork and let your team do the tasks that actually drive revenue. 

Reduce Errors

Human error in the workplace is a real thing. Software can help eliminate those errors that can happen every day. No leads slip through the cracks with TECOBI. We help you follow up with leads for your dealership until they buy or they die. We are able to do this with our one-of-a-kind lead follow-up process. We combine texting and phone calls to stay in contact with the leads we obtain for your dealership until they are ready to buy. 

Reduce Costs

While software like TECOBI does come with an initial cost, over time it actually saves you a ton of money. Wouldn’t you rather buy software one time that helps you sell more cars, instead of hiring ten more employees? TECOBI will help you simplify and reduce costs through your dealership. 

TECOBI is Your Ride-or-Die Productivity Software Through ANY Economy

At TECOBI, we are in the driver’s seat of the automotive marketing industry. TECOBI is better than any of the automotive CRMs on the market. We help you utilize automation without losing the human touch that is so important in car sales. As the CEO of TECOBI, yes, I develop software. But I am also a salesman at heart. Learn more about our culture

We are your ride-or-die partner to navigate through the challenges of selling vehicles. Our specialty is shifting gears. We evolve to meet the needs of our clients at any given time, no matter the state of the economy. Check out our plans and set up a TECOBI demo today to get a leg up on your competition!

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TECOBI is the Future of Auto Retail

You can win the race to the future of auto retail with TECOBI. TECOBI helps you engage with more customers, set more appointments, and ultimately, sell more vehicles. We help you sell more cars and help put more dreams in driveways. Check out our plans and schedule a demo so you can rev up your dealership’s sales engine now and in the future.

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