How Direct Mail Helps Your Dealership

At TECOBI, we think your automotive marketing campaign should cover all the possible bases. That is why in addition to our game-changing software, we also offer direct mail services to help you reach the most customers. Direct mail can help your dealership sell more cars. TECOBI helps you thrive in any economy and with every type of marketing method. We make your follow-up process more efficient across all lead sources, whether they involve mailing through the post office or advertising on Facebook and Instagram. Let’s talk about how TECOBI’s direct mail can help your dealership.

Direct mail is a form of marketing that involves delivering physically printed materials to targeted leads through the mail. Though some believe direct mail is outdated in the digital era, old habits die hard for a reason. Direct mail can drive customers directly to your dealership. According to the Data & Marketing Association, car dealerships are one of the best industries for direct mail marketing. However, direct mail can only work well if you have an effective way for clients to contact you once they receive the mail.

Get a Modern Direct Mail Solution from TECOBI Today

The future of the automotive industry is changing quickly. There’s a storm coming, and your dealership needs to be ready. If you want to sell more cars for the rest of 2022, it’s time to sign up for TECOBI’s direct mailers. At TECOBI, we will help you generate leads no matter what, even if people stop using Facebook and other social media platforms. We are constantly innovating to meet the needs of our client dealerships and help them sell more cars.

Direct Mail Packages Available from TECOBI

We offer various packages, because we know the needs of every dealership are different. 

Co-op Friendly: Buy Back Mailer

Our buy back mailer package includes mailing services, buy back data, and standard postage. There is a 2,500 order minimum and the mailers are $1.00 each.

Most Popular: Pre-Screen Mailer

Our pre-screen mailer package includes mailing services, pre-screen data, and standard postage. There is a 2,500 order minimum and mailers are $1.05 each.

Most Customizable: Bankruptcy Mailer

Our bankruptcy mailer package includes mailing services, 50 mile bankruptcy data, and first-class postage. There is a 2,500 order minimum and the mailers are $1.15 each.

TECOBI is the best direct mail solution for auto dealerships because our services don’t end with just mailing out some postcards for your dealership and hoping for the best.

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Benefits of Direct Mail for Auto Dealerships

Are you not sold on direct mail marketing for your dealership yet? There are several benefits to adding direct mail to your dealership’s marketing plan through TECOBI. 

Stand Out From the Competition

In today’s world of digital advertising, people receive fewer pieces of mail. If you are looking for a way to sell more cars and stand out from the competing dealerships in your area (or worse, Carvana), go for a personal touch with direct mailers. 

Leads Love Personalization

Who doesn’t love receiving personalized mail? 75% of millennials still say that it’s nice to receive mail. Direct mail gives you the opportunity to send a completely personalized mailer to your potential leads. Personalized direct mail gets a better response than non-personalized direct mail. Direct mail boasts an open rate of up to 90 percent, compared to an average opening rate of 21.5% for marketing emails. You do the math.

Reach More Customers

At TECOBI, we are all about helping you reach more leads in every way. Our direct mailers can get your car dealership in front of more customers. Think about it: how many marketing emails do you receive on a daily basis? Do you open all of them? According to AdWeek, over half of consumers delete marketing emails they receive before opening them. In a world that has gone almost completely digital, direct mail marketing is a way to connect with more customers. Get the best of both worlds when you use our Facebook and Instagram ads to meet customers online, and our direct mail to meet other customers at their mailboxes. 

Bulk Postage Rates

When you use TECOBI to send out your mailers for you, you benefit from our excellent postage rates. Don’t try to do it all yourself. Printing and mailing your own mailers can get expensive fast, and defeat the purpose. 


We’re all looking for an inexpensive way to reach more leads. TECOBI’s direct mail strategy is a cost-effective marketing solution to help your dealership sell more cars.

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Best Lead Follow-Up in the Automotive Game

While our direct mailers are excellent, they aren’t what set us apart from our competitors. What makes our direct mail for auto dealerships so successful is our lead follow-up solution. Instead of having to pick up the phone and make a call when they receive your mail, the lead simply has to text the dealership. 

You might be wondering, “but how will I keep up with the insane amount of leads I will be getting from my direct mail marketing from TECOBI?!” The answer is with our innovative software. Your leads will be able to call or text the dealership to ask about the offer in your mail piece, and it goes right in TECOBI. It couldn’t be easier. Our direct mailers and our lead follow-up software are the dream team of automotive marketing. TECOBI does all the hard work for you. This is what makes TECOBI stronger than the competition.

What Makes TECOBI’s Direct Mail Different?

You can now use direct mail with TECOBI. But TECOBI’s direct mail is different. First, you import your direct mail file or choose from one of our direct mail campaigns. Once you have taken that step, we will generate a phone number and PIN codes that can be texted in by customers to inquire about the offer in your mail piece. This direct mail strategy combines the best of both worlds.

We offer: 

  • Fully integrated campaigns from start to finish

  • Mailing services 

  • Bankruptcy, pre-screen, buyback data provided 

  • Personalization to increase response rates

  • Software to organize and respond with customers

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TECOBI is the Future of Auto Retail

You can win the race to the future of auto retail with TECOBI. TECOBI helps you engage with more customers, set more appointments, and ultimately, sell more vehicles. We help you sell more cars and help put more dreams in driveways. Check out our plans and schedule a demo so you can rev up your dealership’s sales engine now and in the future.

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