What Is the Best Way to Re-Engage With Potential Customers?

Does your dealership need to sell more cars? Is the slowing demand for vehicles slowing down sales for your dealership? Sometimes, the answer to selling more cars isn’t getting more leads. It’s re-engaging with the potential leads your dealership has already accrued. One of the major struggles that most car dealerships face is losing touch with potential customers. This is a major problem for customers when it comes to losing car sales. But no potential lead is left behind with TECOBI. We are the ultimate lead follow-up software for the automotive industry. TECOBI will help you re-engage with potential customers and ultimately, sell more cars.

Why Does Your Dealership Needs to Re-Engage With Potential Customers

The Car Market Is (Finally) Slowing Down

The influx of customers who were looking to buy a new car is finally slowing down. We all enjoyed the surge in car buying and car sales that went on for a while, but it can’t last forever. Many dealerships are trying to prepare for the future of the auto industry and determine the best way to sell more cars through the end of 2022 and into 2023. 

Forget Advertising (For Now)

Do you want to close more deals for your auto dealership? Of course you do. When most car dealers need more sales, they turn to advertising. Forget advertising. Yes, really. I said it. For now, let’s not worry about advertising and getting even more leads you have to follow up with. Why? Because chances are, your dealership is already sitting on a ton of leads who are getting ready or are ready to buy a car. They just need you to re-engage with them.   

Is Your Dealership Struggling With Leads?

All too often, dealerships struggle with leads. But they don’t struggle with finding new leads. Instead, they struggle with engaging with the potential customers with whom they are already in touch. Why are you paying for advertising to meet new leads, when you already have so many leads in your sales funnel who you simply need to re-engage with to increase your car sales? 

Abandoning Leads Too Soon

Most dealerships make the huge mistake of abandoning leads way too early. Many of your leads aren’t ready to buy a vehicle today, this week, or maybe even this month. In fact, most car buyers are in the market for an average of 89 days. That’s almost three months! Are you following up with leads for that long, or abandoning them much sooner? 

TECOBI Has the Best Lead Follow-Up Solution in the Auto Industry

TECOBI fixes this problem for you. We have the best follow-up in the automotive industry. Our software allows you to follow up with leads forever. With TECOBI, it is possible to stay in touch with customers without annoying them, alienating them, or causing them to block your number and ghost you.

How to Re-Engage 

Now, you know the importance of why you need to re-engage with your leads. There are several ways that TECOBI can help you re-engage with potential customers: 

Use Texting to Keep Customers Engaged

Pushy, aggressive car selling tactics are a thing of the past. It’s a proven fact that texting is the preferred method of communication for many car buyers these days. Texting is not just the best way to get customers engaged, but it is also the best way to re-engage with leads. While some buyers might also need a phone call once they are farther along in the car-buying process, a text is the perfect gentle nudge to re-engage with a potential lead. That is why TECOBI uses texting. 

Use Automation to Make It Easier

It’s much easier to re-engage with potential customers when you use automation to complete tasks. Automation allows you to work smarter instead of harder to get the most amount of work done in less time. TECOBI allows you to use automation to simply hit a button and reach hundreds or even thousands of leads at once. 

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Stay in Touch Forever 

At TECOBI, we don’t believe in those pushy sales tactics that are far in the past. We follow up with potential leads until they buy or they die. As I mentioned earlier, not every lead you get will be ready to buy a vehicle right away. Our client dealerships have ended up making car sales from leads that they stayed connected with for more than a year, or even longer. 

Try Direct Mail

For some customers, direct mail might be the right way to re-engage. At TECOBI, we offer various ways of following up with leads across all sources. That is why we are now offering direct mail services for our auto dealerships. But our direct mail is different. 

Build Relationships With Potential Clients

TECOBI allows your dealership to build positive relationships with potential clients. Too many car buyers hate the car-buying process. They are scared of pushy car salesmen and being forced into a deal too quickly. TECOBI is trying to change that. If traditional car dealerships are going to succeed, something needs to change. We do our best to make the car buying process more enjoyable for both clients and dealerships. 

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Re-Engage With Potential Customers With TECOBI

Use TECOBI and watch your engagement rate soar. At TECOBI, we don’t leave any potential customers behind. Instead, we help you leave your competition in the dust. Re-engage with more potential customers with TECOBI. TECOBI’s goal is to make your follow-up process more efficient across ALL lead sources. We help you engage with more customers and re-engage with those customers. Though some might think that using automotive software gives you an unfair advantage, we know that it’s just a savvy business decision. As one of our happy clients said, “TEOCBI is like going gangbusters.”  Contact us today to schedule a demo to see how we can help you maintain contact with more of your leads.

Use TECOBI to Help You Be a Better Salesperson

I’ll let you in on a secret: sales don’t happen completely over text. If sales could happen automatically, what would I need you for? I’d just build a robot. That’s what makes you valuable as a salesperson: your ability to build relationships and connections with other humans. 

Try TECOBI to help you automate the boring stuff so you can spend more time doing what you like: closing deals and putting dreams in driveways. Learn more about TECOBI’s plans and schedule a demo today.

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