The automotive industry, like so many others, is moving to the virtual and digital realm. One issue that many auto dealers are dealing with during this transition is sales accountability. How can you hold your sales team accountable for virtual sales calls? TECOBI has the answer. Our groundbreaking technology allows managers to monitor their salespeople. That’s right: you can see when they’re on video calls, phone calls, or even texting leads. This allows you the opportunity to hold your salespeople accountable. Or, you can jump in on a call and help coach them through the sale when they need it. If you’re looking for more sales accountability at your auto dealership, then you need TECOBI in your life.

what is sales accountability

What is Sales Accountability? 

Sales accountability is how managers work with their sales teams to be aligned with the same goals and expectations. Sometimes the word “accountability” can have a negative connotation,  but it’s about a lot more than just holding someone responsible if something goes wrong. Accountability is not just about results. It’s about what your team is doing with their time on a day to day basis. 

At TECOBI, we believe in sales accountability and help our auto dealer clients achieve accountability on their own teams. We do so with our innovative technology that helps managers and salespeople stay on the same page – literally. Our software lets managers monitor what their team is up to at all times.

How to Up Your Sales Accountability Game with TECOBI

Any manager knows that one of the major challenges of managing a sales team is holding that team accountable for following up on their leads. In fact, according to Forbes, the best managers ALWAYS hold people accountable. Now, when you add virtual sales calls to the equation, accountability gets even tougher. Even the most experienced managers can struggle with holding their salespeople accountable when so many aspects of the sales process have moved online. 

Have you ever wondered, “what is my sales team doing all day?” or “how many sales calls are they really taking?” TECOBI can help you answer these questions.

One of the many benefits of using TECOBI is the ability for auto dealership owners or managers to monitor their sales team. You can see how many of your salespeople are on live video conferences, how many are sending texts, and how many are on phone calls. Our monitoring technology shows you the salesperson’s name, if they have a video call or phone call in progress, the texts they are sending, and which prospective lead they are chatting up. 

sales call accountability
up your sales accountability

There is no need to constantly check in verbally with your salespeople or hover over their shoulders as they work. Our method of monitoring doesn’t invite any conflict. You can even monitor their calls from outside the dealership! This feature makes it easier for you to do your job as a manager, and motivates your salespeople to do theirs, too. 

Plus, you can even jump on and help out with a sales call yourself, if you’d like. If you believe in sales accountability for your team, you’ll love the monitoring feature in TECOBI. Many sales managers have told us it’s the best tool they’ve ever used.

How to Hold Your Team Accountable

At TECOBI, I manage my own team and am known to be an extremely hands-on CEO. I can give you some advice for how to hold your team accountable. Here are some proven methods of success.

Provide the Tools for Success

The best way for your sales team to succeed is to give them the tools they need. At TECOBI, we run ads for your dealership, follow up with leads via text, and set up the appointments for you. All your team needs to do is close the sale. We make it much easier for your sales team to sell more cars, faster.

Monitor Their Progress 

Use TECOBI’s monitoring tool to keep track of how your salespeople are following up on their leads. Jump on calls as necessary and give your team the feedback they need to succeed.

Offer Clear Rewards and Consequences 

Finally, set clear expectations and offer rewards and/or consequences for the salespeople who meet or even exceed expectations.

Virtual Sales Calls are the Future

If you’re thinking to yourself, well, this all sounds cool, but my dealership isn’t utilizing live video conferencing with customers, then yikes! It’s time to try live video conferencing with TECOBI. Virtual sales calls are the sales method of the future. These days, we do everything else on Zoom and Google Meet. Why not sell cars, too? 

If you’re not already holding virtual sales calls for customers who prefer doing things virtually rather than visiting the dealership in person, you’re losing out on valuable business. In-person sales appointments are not necessarily gone for good, but it’s time to start live video conferencing for the people who have gotten used to shopping on their couches during COVID.

virtual sales calls for customers
virtual sales calls

The best part about virtual sales with TECOBI is that you have options. Your salespeople have the option of using live video conferencing, regular phone calls, or even texting to chat with leads. Whichever method of communication your customer prefers, you can do it with TECOBI! 

Our live video conferencing technology, TECOBI Meet, is the latest tech we have developed to help auto dealers sell more cars. No one has to download an annoying additional app on their phone. Simply text your lead a link. They click, and they’re in! It’s like a Zoom meeting, except even easier. Live video conferencing isn’t just the future of selling cars, it’s the present. If you aren’t already using video calls to sell cars, you’re in the past.

Hold Your Sales Team Accountable for Results

If you are an auto dealer or sales manager who is ready to hold your sales team accountable for their results, it’s time for you to use TECOBI. Contact us today to find out how TECOBI can help you sell more cars!

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