At TECOBI, I am always working hard to make our product work even better for our clients. If you are already one of our clients, you might have started seeing “hot lead” tags coming in. This is an exciting recent update in the TECOBI software. We came up with a new process for how we notify clients that we have a hot lead that needs a phone call right away. This is just one of the many ways I am constantly improving TECOBI to work even better for you and help your dealership survive and thrive into the future of the auto industry. 

The Reason for a Hot Lead Update in TECOBI

First off, a quick explanation of how TECOBI works for those of you who aren’t clients: First, we obtain leads for your dealership through our innovative and effective Facebook and Instagram ads. Then, we follow up with these leads via text message, because it’s much more effective than a cold call. Our one-of-a-kind technology allows you to place your leads at the right part of the sales pipeline: 

  • Your working pipeline is customers who you are in an active conversation with.
  • Your paused pipeline is customers who you already have followed-up scheduled for the future.
  • Your customers waiting SMS are customers that have sent an inbound text message.
  • Your customers needing a call are the customers who have been isolated and are ready for a call. 
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Every single day, you can follow up with your entire working pipeline and change customers’ places in the pipeline accordingly. You can pause customers if they need more time, reply to text messages, and set them up for a phone call once they are ready. 

I chat with our clients regularly to find out how things are going and their experience with TECOBI. Some of the feedback I got recently was that our Text Ninjas are occasionally sending over leads to the dealership that aren’t necessarily capable of buying a new car, or aren’t ready to buy a car yet, or even aren’t all that interested in buying yet. 

I know that your dealerships are busy and you don’t have the time to deal with leads who aren’t ready to drive off the lot in a new (or used) vehicle right away. Our new hot lead sales process is meant to filter that down to customers who are ready and capable of buying a car. We will only tag in your sales team and have people call the lead if they are hot. 

We know you don’t have time to waste talking to leads who aren’t ready to buy a car yet. This new advancement is meant to help our team better serve up customers that you need to be calling right away. These leads are ready to buy a car and come into the dealership, and you don’t want to lose them to the guys down the street.

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Definition of a Hot Lead

You might think of Tinder when you think of a “hot lead,” but the best place to get hot leads (in the auto industry) is TECOBI. A hot lead is a lead that is ready to make a car deal. They either have some money to put down, they have a great trade-in, or they have completed a credit application. Our Text Ninjas have done their job and handled getting all this important information, but now they are ready to hand them off to your sales team at your dealership before the lead goes cold, or worse, ghosts us. 

We are really defining with our Text Ninjas what a hot lead is, in order to make sure that they are not wasting our clients’ valuable time with leads who just aren’t ready to buy a car. We are also going to start tracking how long it takes from the time we tag a hot lead to the time a salesperson picks up the phone and calls that lead. The speed to the phone call is very important, especially in today’s hot auto market

Our new “Hot Lead” sales tag will notify either your assigned salesperson for this lead, or your entire sales team if the lead has not been assigned yet, that this person is ready to talk and make a deal.

Hot Lead Sales Process

Our Text Ninjas are paired with our artificial intelligence to communicate with thousands of potential customers for your dealership, every day. 

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Sometimes, our Text Ninja needs help with something, or we’ve got a credit app done, or we realize that this is someone who is ready to buy a car, and we need a salesperson at the dealership to pick up the phone and call the customer – and fast. 

The next step in our new hot lead sales process is to force the phone call to the salesperson’s phone and drip call them so that they have to make the call, and there are no ifs, ands, or buts about it. Your sales team will have no excuses not to follow up with the hot leads and hopefully, make a sale.

How TECOBI’s Process Works

TECOBI helps car dealerships across the country connect with new customers instantly. It’s hard to get customers to pick up the phone anymore, which makes following up with leads nearly impossible. With TECOBI, we start texting new leads for you from just a few social media ad clicks. Then, we either set up the appointments for you or toss the lead over to your sales team to make a phone call. Our software is easier to use and more effective than any CRM out there. 

Let Us Know What You Think About the Hot Lead Sales Process

If you are already one of our clients, let us know what you think about the hot leads tags and if they are helping you. And if you aren’t one of our clients yet, what are you waiting for? At TECOBI, we are serving up hot and fresh leads who are ready to buy cars to our dealership clients, all day every day. Our product is already pretty amazing, but I am still always looking for ways to improve and help our clients sell more cars, faster. Set up a demo of TECOBI today

Try TECOBI for Your Dealership Today

TECOBI is the first step to car buying of the future. We have various enterprise pricing plans ranging from $495 per month to $3,495 per month (plus a one-time setup fee.) And for the first time, we are offering month-to-month contracts. This makes it easier for your dealership to give us a try and see that we really know what we’re doing. Let’s get some more customers on the road and dream cars in driveways together.

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