When I left my sales manager job at a large dealership to come over to TECOBI and help Jason build his BDC, I was still stuck in my old ways of CRM. Call all your leads daily, send an opt-in, send an email, complete the task, rinse and repeat. Needless to say that it took some adjusting to the TECOBI process which I sometimes refer to as the “Anti-CRM.” I have been here now for almost a year and the TECOBI Koolaid has never tasted so good

If your store has recently signed up with TECOBI and you are trying to find what are some of the best practices for your BDC, I have five of them here that are absolutely crucial to winning. These are all things that we do on a daily basis here at TECOBI and we have seen them work over and over. Start by following these tips and I can guarantee you that you will see new success with TECOBI. 


Less is More.

I remember when we signed up a very large (600+ cars a month) Toyota store not that long ago. They immediately added 40 salespeople and 6 managers into the system to handle roughly 700 Facebook leads a month. Within about two days we started having issues and red flags were popping up everywhere. Salespeople not knowing the software, salespeople just flat out not responding or even working the leads, multiple conversations happening with the same customer. These were just some of the main problems we had everyday. The way that TECOBI is designed you can handle a lot of leads quickly with just ONE person. For example, just one of our full-service BDC representatives can handle 1000 leads a month by themselves. There is no need to add every single salesperson into TECOBI. 

So my advice here is that the fewer people you have in TECOBI the better. There is less overlap, it’s easier for us to communicate with your store, and its easier to keep track of what is going on with the leads. Try assigning only two or three people maximum at your store who can dedicate a lot of their time to working TECOBI. 


Eliminate Distractions.

Part of my pitch on our full-service BDC to dealers is that these people have no distractions at all. At a dealership, there are so many distractions every day its nearly impossible to stay focused. Customers randomly drop in on you, you have to check on a car in service, you need to run over on the used lot to check something out for a lead, managers want to have meetings, etc… So my advice is that if you can assign just one or two people to TECOBI, make sure these are people who will not have constant distractions. It’s best if you can bring in someone who is not a salesperson to work TECOBI for you. A BDC or Internet person who does not have to break away from their computer to go sell cars. After all, we are just trying to set appointments and we are not selling cars over text so you do not need to have your best salespeople working these leads. 


Phone calls still matter.

Despite what some people think, we still believe in the power of a phone call. Yes, I know that our software is all about texting, but trust me, calls are still very important. The best practice we have found on calls in TECOBI is this: call every lead as soon as it comes in. If you get sent to voicemail, don’t leave a voicemail (no one checks them anyway). Hang up and text them “:vm” Make sure the lead is assigned to you so when they do call back the call is immediately routed to your cell phone or desk phone. 

After the first call, just text them as you normally would. There is no need to call every lead every day as you would in a CRM, but we’ll talk about that later. The other time you should call a lead is when they “come off a blast.” What this means is that if a customer has not been responding to any messages for several days or weeks, then they finally respond to a blast, give them a call. At a minimum, there should be at least one phone call for every lead received.


Avoid pre-qualifications as much as you can.

Unless you are using the 700 credit soft pull feature in TECOBI, do not send credit apps or try to prequalify leads. Every time a credit app is sent to a lead, you are basically just throwing down an anchor on it. We won’t be able to move that lead into the store unless we are able to tell them they are approved. But we all know that just having a credit app on file is not enough for full approval. There still needs to be a deal structure put together, trade, money down, tax verification, etc. 

Just get them in the door, get them emotional on a vehicle, then work on credit. It’s much easier to ask someone for a down payment or cosigner after they have fallen in love with the car. 


Blast, blast, blast, blast, blast!

One of, if not THE best feature in TECOBI, is blasting. Blasting alone is worth the cost of the software. It is very important to do multiple blasts every day to different lead statuses. Blasting your active fresh leads should be a different blast then your canceled appointments. Mix up the times, mix up the message, use GIFs, try a Spanish blast. Whatever it is, just do it. If you wait a few days to do your blasting, you will get 80+ responses all at once and you’ll be way behind the ball on responding.

Blasting is the only way to follow up with thousands of customers instantly. Instead of sending thousands of emails that go straight to spam, or hundreds of mailers that are immediately thrown away, or calling 100 people just to be sent to voicemail 96 times; send your blasts daily to your entire pipeline and work the leads as they respond. The cream rises to the top and you will only be talking to people who are actively engaged.


We have spent literally MILLIONS of dollars figuring out what process works best for TECOBI. As of right now, these are the most important tips I can give you to make your BDC as successful as possible. I’m always happy to answer any questions at any time for any of our clients Evan@TECOBI.com