Car dealerships only have a few simple goals.

They’re looking to sell more cars, follow up with potential leads, and maintain the cars they’ve sold to customers. While these goals are simple in nature, correct marketing can help reach achieve these goals more easily.

One of the best and newest marketing strategies is text messaging. Regardless of whether you sell cars, trucks, motorcycles, boats or RVs, the steps down below can help you use texts to bring customers back in and keep them informed about the services your dealership offers.

Grow Sales with SMS Chat

There are already people visiting your website. They may have questions that need answering, want to browse your inventory, or want to buy something from you.

This is one of the reasons why using SMS chat can be very effective. This has similarities to other kinds of live chat but allows people on their computer to talk to you via your website. The difference is, messages coming in have their replies sent straight to your customers’ phones.

This is more effective than online chat because it lets viewers leave the website but still keeps them involved in the conversation. It also allows you to get their telephone number.

Some dealerships find their conversions receive a massive boost after implementing this strategy.

Using Promotions That Yield High Returns

By running sales on holidays and throughout the year, you have a chance to increase your revenue.

However, this revenue can be even greater if you can notify potential leads and customers that bought from you in the past about these events.

Promotional text messages are surprisingly effective. The majority of them are read and plenty of them receive a response. Using text can encourage a lot more people to see your message, especially when compared to the effectiveness of email.

This increased response can help your sales volume. To give you a quick idea of what some texts are that you could send, have a look below.

“The new Toyota model is here! We’re giving you some awesome deals with money off our old inventory. Grab your $5000 discount now. Offer ends on the 30th of November.”

“Veteran’s Day is around the corner! With 40% off these vehicles, it’d be a shame to miss out. Visit our website for more information.”

With retail items that are very expensive (known as high ticket items), text can help you yield a greater ROI simply because of how cheap they are to send out.

Following up with Your Leads

Trying to find leads for your dealership can be challenging, so when you do, it is imperative that you keep them in the fold.

Talking to someone and getting them interested is the first step. However, to convert leads into sales, you have to get customers to the next stage in the buying process.

Many times, they will need to think about the decision or talk to someone else that handles money in the family. Because of this, it can be easy to lose track of this customer and never hear from them.

Converting these potential customers into actual customers could simply be a case of getting back in touch with said individual. Using text is a fantastic way to do so. You could simply send out a text reminding them about the interaction that you had before. For example:

“Hello [name], do you still want to buy your Ford Mustang? Get in touch with us if so, we have a great deal for you!”

You could boost this message even further by having a picture in the text which would jog their memory. The reason this is so effective is that many people read text messages within a few minutes of receiving them.

It also makes it very easy for customers to get back to you or ask questions about the deal at hand. They may also want to arrange a time to come to the dealership.

If your website is set up so customers can buy vehicles online, including a link in the text to help them buy makes it very convenient.

Handle Orders/Requests

If a car isn’t maintained well, it will start to fall apart. Your customers will find themselves needing to get new parts for their car regularly.

By having a request service via text, you’ll be able to let your customer send you the names and numbers of parts to see if you have them in stock. This makes it easy for them to visit the dealership and get the part installed.

If you don’t have the part in stock, it is as simple as ordering it and scheduling a time when they can come down to the dealership.

Take Care of Updates and Servicing

Text also allows you to arrange when customers can bring in their car or get updates about their vehicle. These kinds of questions are regularly asked, but having a text service for them makes them much more simple to handle.

This can be optimized by having a service number. This makes the experience of handling service much easier and will lessen the amount of non-essential calls you have to make.

Optimizing Your Services with Text Messaging

By using text messaging in conjunction with your business, you can make the service run smoother and keep customers in-the-know about the things your dealership is offering. This, in turn, can bring in more revenue and lead to a better experience with your customers.

Want to know how you can get started with text marketing? Get in touch with us to find out more.

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Texting is by far my favorite means of digital communication!

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